Coco Soul Shower Range

Hey you beautiful , Greetings of the day / night. Today I am going to discuss about this new shower range from Coco soul.Its been a while since the product launched also I had this. Females are always particular about their shower products, & in fact it matters the most what type of products are being used on the body as it play an essential role in making up your skin like butter soft or rough like pumice. I myself wisely choose bath range as per my skin need & climate of course. I have come across this beautiful range and thought why not to spread words of awareness. I have in the queue the shower gel, the face wash, & the body lotion. Although I have also used face scrub as well from the same brand but the empty packing is not available to show you. So lets begin with the review of coco soul products to get fair idea of the quality.

Coco Soul Shower Gel

The shower gel comes in peach colour clear liquid with pump dispenser. The consistency is slight thin as compared to the other shower gels. The packaging attracts, also the fragrance is extremely soothing its smells like a blend of coconut oil with some herb. It is free from chemicals and has goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil which is a natural moisturiser, & have several other healing properties. Turmeric & Gotukola. This entire coco soul range is nature inspired it has no chemicals so dont lather immensely, you may experience that the shower gel and face wash even scrub has less foaming property. There is no harm but you need much product to work with . My experience has been good with it as feels mild on body not drying even if you skip moisturiser.So lets quickly glance why anyone should buy this or not.


  • Coco soul has Ayurvedic herbs & spices,
  • This gel is gentle on body cleanse without lingering dryness.
  • Virgin coconut oil keeps skin soft & has anti bacterial properties.
  • Turmeric provides natural glow it also has anti bacterial properties.In Ayurveda turmeric has been used from ancient time for skin correction. It clears complexion & has healing properties.
  • Gotukola reduces wrinkles and fine lines thus good for anti ageing. Keeps body nourished and rejuvenated.
  • No parabéns , No sulphates No phlalates
  • no mineral oil alcohol free
  • No animal testing
  • 100 percent vegan
  • No propylene glycol formaldehydes.This goes same with all the products range.
  • Price -799/- 300ml


I am little disappoint with the pump of the bottle it could have been better. The press is hard also you cant with finger you have to use palm then too amount comes for not sufficient so you have to effort to push and pump for desirable amount which is tedious. Second for body cleanser I want little more foam than this has as you get that feeling of fully cleansed you keep reapplying.

Overall I liked it as its mild on body soothing to senses has natural herbs with wonderful properties so not gonna harm your skin any way.

Coco Soul Face Wash

The face is also have virgin coconut oil as base ingredient actually in all products. We have already been aware of coconut benefits for skin above .second ingredient is neem which is good for problem free skin.T hird ingredient is again Gotukela .actually all products have virgin coconut oil as base ingredient Lets see how it is ?

  • Its clear oil free soap free gel , smells amazing same like body gel.
  • Its not foaming but you will see that face is deep cleansed
  • Good for people with oily skin, acne prone mainly.
  • Ingredients – Virgin coconut oil, Neem, Gotukela etc.
  • The packaging is transparent so you can see the gel inside.
  • Its a good daily cleanser to remove impurities keep skin soft youthful and acne free, there is nothing major like fairness.Gotukela tightens skin while promoting collagen resulting firmer looking skin.Neem is rich in vitamin E is effectively reduce pigmentation fights with bacteria delivers blemish free younger looking skin.
  • It has no harmful chemicals its 100 percent natural and gentle on skin.
  • For sensitive skin this might be a good face wash.
  • Price is 399/-100gm.

Coco Soul Body lotion

The body lotion is milky white semi thicker consistency. Absorbs quickly . It not extremely hydrating like I want for my skin. the hydration is for the time being but might be good in summers or extremely hot region where one skip thicker lotion. For more hydration reapplication is required


  • Ingredients Virgin coconut oil Sandalwood Welmi etc
  • sandal wood gives refreshing fragrance cooling effect & has emollient properties.
  • Welmi fights off dullness makes skin radiant
  • no chemicals in entire range of coco souls .
  • Corrects sun damage
  • price 849/- for 200ml.

Conclusion – Since all the products from coco soul range are nature picked free from harmful chemicals and preservatives are worth trying for sure. As long as price is concerned its moderate quantity wise also. However if we compare with other less priced lotions and body wash which deliver same or more results they are not 100 percent natural like this is. So buy if you want to expose your skin to best ingredients which is gonna safe and mild. But dont buy if you have not anything particular to look for in shower products. I have been using the face wash for months now even body gel but body lotion is little less thick or say hydrating for my body need so I kept it for extremely hot months. Its not suffice winter skin needs.


The products I review is based on my personal experience of using that, However products that suited me might not suit you best so always compare and look for your skin needs investment and region where you dwell as it all effects. All the products have been honestly tested on me first for a certain period of time before making an opinion and even I would declare if I have not or just had. So rest assure against any promotional packages advertising or word of mouth. My sole intention is to spread knowledge about good stuff.

Thanks for reading.. XOXO

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