Ultimate inner wear guide

Hey you beautiful , Welcome back to my blog with another useful post.Hope you are great. Today I am going to share little knowledge pertaining to inner wear also must have bra styles in every women closet . Inner wear are the most important piece of cloth . Purchasing the right size style & fabric are some such important point to look at. Most of the females deter to talk about such need in public even they keep such topics under whisper. Few years back I gasped in surprise to know from one colleague that she never knew her size of bra. This happens actually, But its high time for women to talk about such stuff & keep knowing things which relates to self care.

So I wanna begin with what types of bra every women should have for better confidence in any outfit . These styles are not all but some of them which are most useful & I personally own for western & indian outfit solution .With the changed time & birth of designer outfits it became need to upgrade them as well with the same pace. There are hundred styles in dresses tops & bottoms, Every style need specific type of inner wear especially bras. Gone are the days when one cotton bra sufficed under all kind of outfit. With right style of bra any attire comes out better which builds self confidence depleting embarrassing situations Since I wear indian & western both equally I space following bra styles surely in the closet which satiate my purpose to the fullest. So my own list of must have bra styles are as below,

Padded bra

Padded bra is good for support also it goes best with tees shirts suits blouses etc without peeping skin underneath. Small breast women are best with padded bras. it give them fuller look & builds confidence .It has both heavy or light padded styles . Up to the size 36 padded bras are great comfort for curvy women wired lacy bra are good to go with as pad can create an additional layer and make the bust look heavy, Non padded with wired or extra light pad is the solution for plus sizes.

Care Tips

  • Two basic yet most useful colour for daily wear are cotton padded nude & black bra With these two basic style problem is sorted to a great deal.
  • Always go for no wire for everyday comfort as long use of wired bra cause health problems.
  • Padded bra should not be washed daily or if it needs change it after every 2 months from the time of purchasing. The pad inside breed germs after certain period of time.
  • Sun drying is best option to make it germ free if not washed everyday.
  • Take some spirit in a bottle 5ml add few neem oil drops plus rose water 5ml spray all over front cups straps & sun dry or dryer this tip is alternative for not washing . Can be used while travelling where time is constraint also weather sometimes.
  • The bras which are not being used for sometime should be kept with phenopthalene balls to save them from micro organisms agglutination.
  • Nude colour bra go best under whites.
  • Best way to know about replacing existing bra is the drooping effect of straps no matter how much adjustment one make it again hang low.That indicates time to discard them.

Balconette bra

It is a padded plus underwired bra and gives maximum support , The fitting it gives to the top attire is matchless be it gown wide neck tees tops or well fitted dresses. It comes with or without pad. It firms & enhances curves. Its provides half coverage have wide straps for better fitting If you looking for balconette bra with full coverage go for Demi cup bra as it gives full coverage and ideal for large breast.

  • Ideal for broad shoulder women as It comes with wide straps if you have narrow shoulder possibility of straps slip down.
  • There are mainly sexy styles in balconette collection.
  • Women who want broader neckline.
  • Comes with medium or half coverage.
  • Comes with the option of strapless wearing so good for tube off shoulder tops dresses etc.

Plunge bra

Plunge bra are supposed to have higher cut sides so that the cleavage is well exposed for long neck line outfits .Its not traditional bra and has introduced with keeping in mind the fact of designer outfits with deep cuts transparent fronts etc. It comes with or without pads. Lately deep plunge bra is trending with wireless cups its longer in length than traditional plunge it looks more like bralette but deep cups.

  • Good for low cut neckline attires.
  • To expose perfect cleavage with confidence.
  • It gives fuller and firmer look to small breasts as it pushes upwards .
  • It has adjustable straps which joins with the centre piece .

Multi- way bra

As the name suggest this bra can be worn multi way. I have one of this kind and trust me it solves most of my outfit problems. Firstly its a padded bra with push up effect. The straps are so long that it can be crossed , twist crossed & even for deep back neck it goes upto the the waist and fastened. Second feature is that the straps are optional they can be removed any time you want it to be strapless. With the pack another set of transparent straps comes complementary though not all brands has this feature. I have one from enamour.This one style can itself work with tees, tube tops camisoles off shoulder attires deep back etc.

Sports Bra

If you are sport person and love to slog , gym then this is another must have style. It comes both in synthetic fabric as well cotton with racer back . Some styles are found with mesh even some has side opening or some has back fastening hook. These bras are padded light or heavy. The neckline is usually moderate & supports maximum . It covers fair bust area for comfortable work out.Cotton sports bra are very comfortable for good uplift post pregnancy & lactation period. Tank mesh deep neckline tops are well teamed up with sport bra stylishly.

So these five styles I always have in my collection and it helped with all clothing styles. Always choose size by measuring bust area and waise area. Ideal bra should not be too loose or too tight if your side body is bulging out it means that it an incorrect size. Always check if there is two fingers gap between your skin & fastening hook. The straps should be at ideal position not too up or too down as it may cause muscular pain at some stage. Avoid lacy or synthetic bras for everyday use as its not good for skin cotton is best for everyday purpose as our skin remains breathable and healthy. Many women are allergic to synthetic fabrics. Doctors advice not to sleep with bra on as it restrict blood circulation & may cause breast cancer .There are other options for deep necklines are nipple tapes , silicone adhesive bra etc but I think those come some precaution of using. I have tried them out but not so impressed with the results guess its ideal for small breasts.

Thanks for reading,XOXO

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