Healthy Quick Dessert During Quarantine

Hey you beautiful folks! How is life going out there , its been eights days being locked down & more to go like that. Life has completely changed I had never experienced such disaster until now but life is all about changes , though some changes are positive so I m looking at this period of quarantine positively as its for your well being including millions of other. Also to make good use of plenty of time I am making myself do things be it craft food writing or self care by medication though I never post about that stuff but think we do it occasionally. I am thrilled to tell that in the sequence today I tried an indian dessert which is very popular also scrumptious. I first time made it and turned out so good. The recipe is quite simple and ingredients are easy to manage in this situation. So I would like to share the recipe try this at home if you got sweet tooth like me. This is called ‘Besan k laddu ‘{ sweet gram flour balls} in native language. The process involves simple three steps lets know how to make indian dessert { Besan K laddo}.


  • 500 gm grounded gram flour{ chick pea}
  • Grounded sugar 300 gm
  • Deshi ghee { Class of clarified butter}300 gm
  • Coarse cashew & almonds
  • Cardamom


  • Heat ghee in a non stick pan add gram flour & mix it all together into a moist mixture & stir The flame in this entire process of roasting should be low. With help of spatula stir the mixture non stop Now add more ghee and continue to roast till it turns golden brown and the delicious aroma of roasted flour waft through kitchen.
  • Once the roasting is done , immediately remove the pan from the flame or it may burn the mixture with the remaining heat.
  • Let it cool completely .
  • On a small pan add 2 tbs ghee or butter and put all the finely chopped dry fruits , stir continuously . Don’t let it turn brown just little saute.
  • Transfer sautéed dry fruits into the platter of above prepared mixture, mix well
  • Add powdered sugar also into the mixture. The quantity should be almost equal to the floor quantity you can always taste and increase sugar as per need.
  • Mix this mixture properly together and check if its has good ball binding capacity. make balls with the help of both hands palm.The size of the balls can be as per choice but keep it medium size.
  • So the delicious gram flour balls are ready to devoured.

Things to Know

  • Gram flour gets bitter after 2 months so make sure use freshly packed flour for the purpose.
  • Ghee quality is very important for healthy balls. Packed Cow milk ghee is good for this purpose.
  • Well kneading of the mixture is important before making balls , if the mixture is not knead well or the portion, the balls would be cracked not smooth.
  • Never mix sugar into the hot mixture always when its completely cooled off. Grind sugar with two three cardamom in the grinder into the powdered form.
  • Good roasting plays full role for making good balls.
  • Do not use the entire ghee in the beginning of roasting flour keep adding little by little.
  • The mixture neither has to be too greasy nor too hard, perfect crisp ball mixture.
  • It only takes a minute to burn roasted flour so remove the pan from heat completely and also not forget continuous stirring.
  • To know whether flour is fully roasted smell the aroma also check it the ghee comes off side ways leaving the mixture.

Health benefits

  • Rich in carbohydrates & protein than other flours ,Gram flour is good for diabetes too.
  • Its has high folic acid. which is good for the growth of red blood cells.
  • One besan ka laddo {gram flour ball } give around 300 calories out of which carbohydrate comprise 152, protein 32, remaining from fat which is 122 { saturated fat}.
  • It is made on auspicious occasion also used abundantly for oblation to God in the temples.
  • Pure ghee is rich in antioxidants, releases contipation boost energy also non allergic.

So I hope you must have like the recipe of gram flour balls which in turn has many health benefits its a good sweet snack for in between meals . you can always adjust sugar with brown or sugar free substitute if you are diet conscious. They can be stored for one good month so travel friendly. Now on I will keep posting simple recipes in between so stay tuned.

Thank you so much.See you in my next.XOXO

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