My Quarantine BeautyProducts { Just 2}

Hey you beautiful folks , Hope you all keeping well, having seen the lockdown situation most of the products especially luxury skin care and even stuff which was previously easily reachable seems a tough question now. Online & offline shopping joints are shut down & not rendering much services currently. Even import & export of commodities is barred .Only essential items to sustain are available & I am extremely grateful for that .I have now started to think & apply ways to live with minimum beauty stuff and after all most of my skin care gonna be over soon and chances are bleak to get them back any soon..I am so particular about skin care so cant randomly use anything on me. However I am ready to face situational crisis with just two products. Whatever the situation is if I don’t get my shower gel body lotion or so called skin care range I am sorted ..I cant stop sharing how good it turned out to be as we should anyway be prepared for anything that comes by. So I have updated my skin care products during quarantine until services resume. The most important things about these two is it can even be found at small pharmacy or general store & which is what we have to deal with now a days. So without digging more layers lets jump into the details.

My Beauty Soap

I know I know you going to think that how can a soap be skin friendly specially face. I wanna tell more about this this is not a normal bathing bar its a beauty soap also the effect on face is quite welcoming. You can always try this out on your face and trust me its not gonna be regretting. I am not asking to replacing your favourite skin care range while I am trying to adhere with the situation. For the time being if you got your beauty products finished and they are not available or found in the stores near by this beauty soap can be your best bet at this time. Dove is tested on me & even I am using it currently and it has no adverse effect on my face which I can notice. I would definitely mention benefits of this soap why reasons make it any better to normal bathing bar or beauty bar also talking about accessibility it can be purchased from any pharmacy or normal grocery shops.


  • Dove is formulated specially for face & body.
  • It has 1/4 moisturising cream which is made to keep skin smooth and not drying.
  • I personally feel it has no drying strechy effect after rinsing off.
  • It gives same effect like face wash which I am liking.
  • Dove is A grade soap which makes it safe for skin. Very few bathing bar has A grade.
  • Made in India.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Main ingredients are ,betaine glycerine zinc oxide citric acid etc.
  • Glycerin is known to provide moisture against dryness.
  • Betaine is an anti ageing ingredient fights against wrinkle, soothe and protect.
  • Zinc oxide help in treating acne , prevent bacterial infections like itching irritation flakey skin and control damage.
  • Citric acid removes dead cells clears complexion.
  • Price about 150 INR.

Conclusion Hence I can say its good for skin and I have not noticed any break outs or allergy. I am combination skin so one hand where I am struggling to get desirable shower gels face wash etc this shop has sorted my skin need for the time being and I am positive about it. I feel my skin is softer bright and non irritable. Always go for patch test if you are sensitive skin.

Coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is multi purpose.It is that second product I can work with for my hair need, body moisturiser and facial massage. .You all know how beneficial it is for skin even it nothing else stays this oil can give you lustrous hair , shining skin, glowing body and even cooking has ways with it. I have wrote previously about Benefits of coconut oil in my blog , You can check that too for more knowledge. Coconut is super light has cooling effect on body so perfect for summers. The fragrance is itself so refreshing. If u can have freshly made coconut oil its best then there is nothing better than that.Health benefits are also intact with. I use parachute coconut oil but you can use whatever works for you.

  • If u have body or face itching mix camphor 2-3 pcs with coconut oil and keep it in the bottle for use. It works best for dry scaly itchy skin.
  • Cut up 2-3 vitamin E capsules and put in the bottle of coconut oil. Use it as hair oil for hair fall problems and great growth .If the oil is pure this mixture can be applied on brows and eyelashes with additional mix of castor oil.
  • Boric acid powder mixed with coconut oil works great for scabies , intense itching etc.

So I hope you found my quarantine products useful, And I wish it sort you as well. Take care see you in my next.

Thank you so much for reading.XOXO.

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