Korean Sunscreen Review { The Face Shop}

Hey you lovely people ! Today I made crispy fried tortillas my version. I have been indulging in cooking activities little more than usual . Since its perfect time for developing hobbies so lining up stuff to productively pass time. Its Saturday & i sorted my impending closet which came as welcome relief. Its summers already and without sunscreen it cant do. I assume most of you might be staying indoor now a days, but sunscreen should always be included in skin care routine be it indoor or outdoor. I am sunscreen addict & I see it positively. So today I am beginning to review sunscreen from one of Korean brand which is “The face shop”. I have used it for sometime & have own views about it so if you want to know how is the sunscreen how it works, pros & cons of the sunscreen also how to choose sunscreen for particular skin & related information go through the end.

The Face Shop Natural Sun SPF 50+

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco is a convenient sun stick unlike fluid sunscreens. Its a half hand size portable packaging. It has cap opening with twisting button at the bottom for in & out of the stick. The stick is transparent & smells like orange popsicle. It works by rubbing the stick directly on face neck or body. It precisely looks like clear vaseline like jelly to me in stick form .


  • Clear stick sunscreen for easy application on the go.
  • Pocket friendly packaging.
  • Great SPF 50+ PA+++
  • 13.5 g/ 0.47 oz Quantity.
  • Price 1200/ INR
  • Glide on application
  • Moisturising.
  • Its good for immediate sun protection.
  • Perfect to use as body stick.


  • It makes face too greasy and shiny at the same time.{ refer to vaseline texture }
  • Its not good to apply on make up as it does mess up by gliding action. If use underneath make up primer will go off or wont stay.
  • If feels too sticky during summers and that lubricant doest go away.
  • Bit expensive for the performance.
  • Not suitable for oily acne prone skin.
  • Animal testing.

Why should buy this

  • If you are extremely dry skin.
  • Don’t like fluid sunscreen.
  • Can work for extremely cold regions
  • free from animal derived ingredients
  • Contain NMF { natural moisturising factor}.

How to choose perfect sunscreen

  • For best performance choose at least SPF 30+.
  • Day cream with SPF 15 OR 20 are good for everyday use when not exposed to the sun.
  • Always choose oil free sunscreen, As it clogs pores.
  • Discard sunscreen after 12 months of opening.
  • Have noncomedogenic sunscreen for acne prone or oily skin.
  • Mineral sunscreens are better to use than chemical ones. Mineral sunscreen layers on the surface blocking UV rays to penetrate.On the contrary chemical go through skin and then protect by clearing UV rays. Mineral sunscreen has zinc oxide as one of ingredient.
  • Oxybenzone found in most of the sunscreen is not declared good for skin by dermatologist as little percent of this is absorbed by skin and cause skin cancer.

Personal Tip

Research says application of sunscreen where one side protect skin from being damage also block amount of vitamin D we need for good health & stronger bones .So the best way to get adequate vitamin D have sunlight of early morning around 5;30 or 6;00. that time its least Uv rays & plenty of vitamin D.

Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

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