GARNIER Skin naturals night cream

Hey you lovely people welcome back to my blog with another product review. The product i am gonna go review today is not all new, But I recently tried it on myself and have quite good views about it. Garnier skin naturals is my very first skin care product when I seriously began with skin care routine. Garnier wrinkle Lift moisturiser was that product and is still is my all time favourite moisturiser. I have reviewed anti wrinkle previously in my blog. Today is Garnier skin naturals light complete yoghurt night cream. I had it couple of days before lockdown but started using recently and I loved it throughly. It has all the good properties of a night cream in a pocket friendly price range. So lets know more about the night cream in this post.

What makes it a good night cream

  • The very first good point is that the consistency is so light but hydrating. It has that creamy formula which feels thicker but dissolves instantly into the skin making face look shine free. It doesn’t matify skin rather making it so soft and smooth .
  • The cream is so perfect for summers as it doesn’t sweat, feels heavy on the skin.
  • Since it melts beautifully in the skin and has oil free formula doesn’t broke me out.
  • I loved how effective it is as skin gets lighter in tone in just 2-3 days of application.
  • It has yoghurt as main ingredient which is perfect for skin lightening & radiance.
  • It has lemon essence another skin corrector ingredient which targets dark spots reduce them for fairer skin.
  • The thing which I liked most about this cream is that it has benefit of serum in the same night cream along with vitamin C .Vitamin C is a must have ingredient for all skin problems like Dullness ageing wrinkles etc. It reduces melanin production corrects existing dark spots also works wonders on acne & pimples.
  • On the basis of my own experience of just couples of days I must say it does what it claims. Which makes it perfect night cream in affordable price.
  • There comes two sizes 18 gm which is mini container suitable for handbag and travelling another tub is regular 40 gm quantity.

Who should not pick it

  • People with extremely oily skin as it may not feel enough moisture.
  • It has citric acid with vitamin C , people with sensitive skin may complain mild rashes or other kind or reactions against vitamin C.
  • If you don’t have interest for drugstore brands.
  • Cystic acne or irritated skin.
  • It is advisable to not use this cream around eye contour area.

Night cream is an essential part of skin regimen. It is believed skin regenerate most at night, that time given care actually brings best skin next day and days ahead with regular care. No matter how good your skin is now , with the time age and other factors its going to damage , so extra care is all we can do by giving required nutrition to the skin. Always go to bed with the moisturiser on face, take little time for such fixed night routine . I am not saying particularly this night cream whatever you think works best on you fulfilling skin need appropriately. If you are working and dont have time for three step skin care regimen simply sleep with hydrated skin. Another important point is to use creams on a cleansed skin for better results. Massage a bit in circular motions and upwards. Dont irritate skin by streching , rubbing vigorously. Treat your skin gently at the time of cleansing and moisturising.


Since I dont intend to promote any brand or products , So your self testing on all the products I mention on the skin is must.. However I only review best products of all time which I personally bought and used on myself before building recommendation. I always suggest to go for minis first and see the effect and reaction on your skin, Moreover prior to go on with all over skin patch test also check ingredients for sure to get better idea of what you are feeding to the skin..So this is all for today hope you all liked it and gonna try this for once I am sure it wont disappoint you.Thanks you so much for the love you showered on me. I am blessed.See you in my next.

Thanks a lot for reading .XOXO

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