Loreal Paris Top Lipstick Shades

Hey you lovely people , Welcome back to my blog with another post which is gonna reveal my top picks of lip shades from Loreal Paris. I am a lipstick lover and for me the more the less. If you have been connected with me for a while you must be knowing that. Lipsticks play an important role to the whole look even with little colour on lips any face can be made lively. I am always hoarding lipsticks sometime for the shades & sometimes for the brand in this way I have huge collection of lipsticks. I know its same with every girl. Though I have all kind of shades dark & light but I am more of nude shade person unless its an occasion. So today I am gonna show you some good shades which I have from the brand .Loreal Paris was my second lipstick brand after Lakme since I started wearing lipstick. Lets have a look on some Loreal Paris shades which are best for day to night every occasion.


The formula of the lipstick is matte but not drying. It keeps lips fairly satin. All the shades are deeply pigmented. There are categories of lipsticks on the basis of form and formula , There is rouge collection , liquid lipstick collection ,satin & gloss etc. I am only putting up shades from Loreal Paris color riche lipstick & Balmain. The price range is quite pocket friendly even beginners can start with something like this. The shades in the swatches are perfect for nude to bold to dramatic look. The packaging looks luxurious in budget sturdy black with golden detailing on the cap. Although only Balmain collection has various colour on outer packaging like blue , black Greenland metallic that opens into different shades. It stays for long hours if you don’t have the habit of Mmmm your lips.

Shades { Refer to the swatches}

Peach perfect is perfect peach good for bright look, day wear and night wear as well. Can go well on dark and fair complexion. It is not that nude peach but quite bright and lively.

  • Orange power is bright orange . Perfect shade for summers. Go well on all skin tones
  • Plum Tuxedo is perfect plum colour shade, and looks beautiful on lips .
  • Scarlet Silhouette is shade for women who love deep red.
  • Evening Sur seine is nude pink but has deep colour which looks so beautiful on lips . it may not be that apparent on dark complexion .
  • Mahogany stud is nude brown for daily wear.
  • Metallic has transparent shimmery brick which gives shimmery sheen to the lips. It can be even used as lipstick topper or can be worn for everyday look with shine.
  • Balmain 1 deep purple
  • Balmain 2 deep nude brown with orange tinge.
  • Balmain 3 is pure nude pink which has very light pink not quite visible on lips as I am NC 25.
  • Balmain 4 is dark grey for additional dramatic look. This is not regular drey but looks good when make is nude and lips are highlighted. the shade is day and night wear. looks good on fair complexion and medium skin tone.


Although all the shades and formula is great except I feel little dryness on lips after one two hours of application which makes me do lip licking but it might be different with you. I felt it so thought to share along with good points.

Things to know.

  • Always apply lipstick after exfoliating lips as this make lipstick looks even and smooth or else lipstick looks dry rough and flakey .
  • Honey with brown sugar might be good lip scrub if you don’t have anything particular .
  • Always moisturise lips pretty well before lipstick application. hydrated lips look juicy and smooth under lipstick also protect from drying.
  • For lipstick to stay longer use tissue paper on lipstick to soak extra colour. It saves lipstick from being wiped off and good for matte effect.
  • Date of expiration is important to remember so not remove that tape tag from cap to get to know the date to discard lipstick.
  • Dont use after expiry for lips health.
  • Replace cap of each lipstick and put them in the sunlight for sometime to make it bacteria free as lipstick attracts germs when comes in contact with air so do that .
  • Dont leave the cap open . Replace the cap tightly after use.
  • Don’t use some lipstick if it smells chemical.


This is not a promotional or Affiliated post, I review beauty skin care products as per my opinion after using them on me, I am fair about disclosing good and bad point for a particular product. I intend to bring out best products into the light for everyone to use it and benefit.

So this is all for today I hope you liked the information and found it useful. Choose your best shade from the swatches and let me know about it.Will come back with more lipstick shades I loved so far.See you in my next.

Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

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