Tropical Eye Make Up With Smashbox Eye Palette

Hey you lovely people ! What’s up at your end , Here lockdown period been extended by first week of May. It seems a long time but as long as we are safe wont mind being locked in. Life has come to stand still ..How earnest we all are to get back to normal life. This too shall pass with strong will power determination and patience. So lets not bore more pessimism I am grateful to the almighty for each day I am waking up with new energy and breath. So today I am gonna bring some beautiful colours to the eyes by showing you this bright yet charming tropical eye look which is quite easy to create and it looks mesmerising. I have used smash box eye shadow palette for creating this look, if you want to know in detail about palette quality and everything check out the review under My top eyeshadow palettes. In this post I am going to describe the method which can help you getting this look.

Products used

  • Face @Chanel foundation 20 beige
  • Compact @it perfecting airbrush face powder
  • Eyes@ Smash box pinks + palms eye palette
  • Mascara @ Chanel 10 noir
  • Brows @Mac stud
  • Blush @ L.A Colors Pink & Playful Blush & highlighter
  • Lips @Smashbox liquid lipstick
  • Kohl @kay beauty waterproof eye pencil
  • Nails @Colorbar color crush 42



I have already done my face with using foundation and compact, I have skipped using any concealer as I dont have prominent dark circles . Just little more foundation and compact does all the difference for prepping up face.You can always stay with your existing base prep steps & free to use required quantity of concealer. I start with eye make up using little foundation just two drops on my eyes to make the base.The first shade I take is flamingo pink which is nude pink apply all over lids. Next shade for crease area is Mellon Baller which is darker than flamingo pink I apply and deep the colour by reapplication if need I blend it properly so it looks even. Next shade which I apply on lid area is Party pants which is fuchsia with little shimmer . I deepen using finger tips at this step the shades are visible Clearly in the sequence of darkness and brightness. To my inner lid corners I take shade Palm print which lightest baby pink to brighten the effect on lids. I take more party pants on transition area to darken outer conners, Now I took next shade which is Borrowed Bling. Its very light shimmery pink & perefect for adding shimmer to the central lid area. I apply with finger tips on the upper lid area to upward making perfect arch of highlighter. I deepen with more coats and blend separately. On lower lids I took 72 & sunny which metallic gold and apply along the lash line and blend add ore coats if gold is not visible.To line the lash line I chose ColorBar neon pencil above metallic shade to give subtle color. To brighten this entire eye look I used Palm Print which is sea green shade and perfect for tear duct. Since this shade is bright but light I need to coat it 2-3 times to get the colour visible. At last used Borrowed bling on my brow bone to highlight them.Take good time to blend the shades separately & perfectly for smooth finish. I have skipped using false lashes this time and did my lashes with just Chanel mascara and applied kohl in water line for sharp look.

P.S Since the shade used in tear duct is visibly sea foam green but it didn’t come out as it was, it looks bluish but this also looks good guess. Seafood green has tendency to reflect blue colour in images.


Lips & Cheeks

To keep the rest of the look equally tropical I used smash box liquid lipstick which is bright purple and its very beautiful plus trendy shade. I didn’t line lips as the applicator itself is perfect to line in one stroke. For deep pink blush I used La colors shade 4 which is deep pink but looks perfect pink on application. This palette is good pick in budget as it purpose of blush highlighter and bronzer. The cakes are so good in quality and deeply pigmented. It dissolves into skin like without being chalky. Perfect palette for beginners.

MRP- 675/-

Hope you liked the look. You must have seen how easy its to create and result is beautiful. I mostly blend with fingers so not mentioned any brush name or number. Wear this look for any occasion its perfect and not too much to have restricted occasion.You can change tear duct shade each time for more glamorous look out of one style. Any bold or metallic or shimmer can be used for more variation. This is all for today ,See you in my next.


Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

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