Dessert Eye Make Up Look

Hey you lovely folks ! Welcome back to my blog , Well happy weekend in whatever way you plan it to be. Today I am here with another full face make up look which is deep, sensuous and quite easy to create. The look is quite perfect for special outings evenings or get together. I have seemingly put up warm tone to make it stand out. Since I am more of nude tone make up person trying out something in quite different theme has been refreshing and I liked it fully. If you liked the outward images & want to know how I achieved this look read throughly.

Products used

  • Face @ Mac studio Water Weight SPF 30 foundation NC 30 (33$
  • Face Moisturiser Glam glow starter + Mac strobe cream
  • Primer @ Mac prep + prime Natural Radiance (MRP-2100/-)
  • Finishing Powder @ Mac prep + prime transparent
  • Eyes @ ColorBar Hook Me Up Eye shadow Palette (MRP- 1350)
  • Kohl @ Clinique Blackened Black 01(1400/-)
  • Brows @benefit ( MPR 1240/-)
  • Blush @ Mac Extra Dimension Blush
  • Lips @ smashBox liquid lipstick shade Disorderly( MRP- 2050/-)


I have prepped my face in quite basic way since I am not so much of contouring person. I followed my usual steps which are cleansing toner moisturiser .I always love that glow on face which can only be achieved by great amount of hydration before make up. I take good time to hydrate my skin before foundation so that it would not look caky. I mix good amount of glam glow with pea sized Mac strobe cream and apply well. I apply foundation which is now nicely absorbed into the skin making it more smooth glowing. I have not used any concealer but did the correction with foundation itself. To set base I took finishing powder and dust off all over. I would like to mention that although I am NC 25 but I got this shade to use for not porcelain face as I want it to be deep and warm so used NC 30. Blush is from Mac only and its also deep pink somewhat maroon. With filling brows I am ready for eyes and rest of the make up.


I am taking color bar eye shadow palette which has all the perfect warm shades along with highlighters. The quality of the palette is good for the money and I see that its fairly pigmented. I use my fingers to apply as these are best for me to apply eyeshadow. So the palette has 7 shades and there is no name mention on shades for reference. I am assuming it 1to 7. I very first take this shade no.4 from left side which is beige I apply on the creases and blend. Next shade is no. 5 on the upper lid. shade no 6 which is deep red I take and apply on above shade 5 on the upper lid and blend. I deepen the shade with more strokes. Above it I chose shade no 2 which is light golden with yellow tinge and apply on the upper centre part od the lid to highlight the area. Next shade is no 7 which is deep purple which I apply on the transition but a very little amount just to darken the outer corners and blend separately. For tear duct I take same shade 2 to add yellow tinge to the eyes and make it appealing. Take good coat to deepen golden yellow. Shade no 1 I put on brow bone and glisten it. I end up curling my lashes and coat them with mascara. I kohl my eyes and smudge for not so clean look. As I am done almost by applying lipstick its all finished for the look. Smashbox lipstick review I have done earlier so if you want to check how they are you can check.

So this is the final result I have skipped using any highlighter as I dont intend to make it more highlighted along with warm tones , tried to keep it deep with natural tone of skin.Let me know if you liked this look.I will come with more vibrant looks in future. Stay connected see you in my next.


Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

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  1. Wow! The pictures look like they are from a makeup ad campaign 😍 Love this look

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Thanks a lot if you look at it like that.Its encouraging.

      Liked by 1 person

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