Rice Tip for closet

Hey you beautiful folks , Welcome back to my blog if you are the first time visitor big Hello !Today I had completed a long due task of arranging my closet which seemed an impossible task to me as piled up clothes in the closet always made me weary. I don’t intent to touch them until they start over flowing. I am an organised person I monthly arrange each section of my closet but what makes me irritated is that it does remain the same. And due to extra burden of work in during pandemic this task seemed better to postpone. The thing which need to understand is if all type of stuff is separately organised in the closet chances are less for mess. So I added few tricks this time for more space also less clutter. Also I include rice hack to my wardrobe and want to share with you as well. I used limited sets of organiser just to make everything nicely done. I admit that just by little effort my closet has got better view also having arranged them in particular boxes will save my time and energy to find them back. So I have added just three types of organisers as of now to sort it out as I cant get hold of more in time of lockdown. Lets know more ,


Boxes are best way to keep clothes which are not frequently needed, Like heavy gowns , indian attires seasonal outfits or something which have not now got your interest in long time but you can need it later. Boxing them & rest on the top selves can give maximum room for clothes which need regular requirement. It can be easily bought from lifestyles stores & all sizes are available as per utility to accommodate stuff.

Drawer organiser

Drawer organiser are best to organise small things like inner wear, jewelleries, tights, camisoles etc. The best thing is they are easily found you dont need to shuffle entire closet for this cause. I am not so professional in arranging closet but I include those organisers which I found practical to deal with. Even acrylic organisers are help to nicely arrange make up stuff. I have those where I have stacked some of my make up and cosmetics on the vanity.

Arrange work wear separately in hangers, removed out of fit and style clothes , Make place for daily and essential wear accordingly its gonna help you later when life is again on busy track.

Hanging storage

These are most useful for small closet when you struggle to make it look good , It abode small items so well also quick retrieve for use.Currently I have two in two different closet.Its looks like long hanging with 4-5 selves. It got adhesive tape to fasten it around the closet rod . I stack all my chiffon , georgette tops shirt separately in each shelf of it., As its not supposed to plonk heavy times. They can be best used to accommodate sling bags clutches and medium size tote bag. I have not tried it for handbags yet instead I rack them in line on a self for better view to pick.

Quarantine is best time for arranging closet, declutter it and make room for useful things in there. I did the task forcibly but I have a flash relief to see it in order, Also main thing is that by reshuffling stuff you get things or clothes you forgot you had them in the first place .

Rice tip

The tip is quite simple and you must be already knowing , my mum used it long back when phenopthelene balls were not quite a thing. So take handful of rice in a net piece of cloth so that rice is visible but not slip out. Place few rose petals spray fragrance oil ( optional) and wrap it as potli. Keep it anywhere in the closet and instantly the scent make it good in there.


  • Rice is best to absorb dampness which is not good for hygiene point of view. Damp closet attracts germs which can effect health also as some bugs suppose to rot pure silk and woollen materials.
  • Keeping rice make insides dry and refreshing.
  • Rice is no harm to anyone even if it touches anyone or cloth. There is no chemical which might harm children if they rummage through.
  • Many times closet adhere to musty smell out of clothes which are not worn in long time so saves them from producing bad odour.
  • Even rice potli can be placed in the drawing room or any room you think of refreshing change.
  • Change the potli after every one month for more efficacy.

So this is that rice tip hope you found it useful. Sorry for not posting any pics of updated closet as its still going on & I am out of energy :).See you in my next with another post.


Thank you so much for reading.XOXO

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  1. Great tip! I usually use the silica gel packets whenever I get them in my purchases to use for moisture absorption (I often find them in shoe boxes and clothing packaging), but rice is always accessible, which makes it even better!

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    1. bebeautifuls says:

      yeah silica is good all the time but dangerous for kids so thought to use rice instead.thanks a bunch much love to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely! I can use silica for now, when I don’t have kids in the house, but will be switching to rice when the situation changes. Thank you so much for sharing this ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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