Product Review Garnier BB Cream

Hey you folks! Welcome back to my blog , I have trusted BB creams since the time I started knowing what skin correction is. I trusted them a lot for my skin since I had no skin routine in particular. I had it as my regular base for face to make it look even and spot free. They are convenient and skin friendly so I personally use it for my regular outings. Today I am going to explain about my current BB cream which has been incessant to me in a while. That is Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream which has been my favourite so far for every reason. Lets know all about it.


BB cream has all the features of a beauty bream. It has moisturising properties, serum goodness, SPF foundation & concealer. I you want all the features in just one cream then go BB cream. Since it has foundation and concealer which is what helps to covers blemishes minor scars and even out skin texture.

Garnier BB Cream is very light super absorbing and does the job accurately The packaging is light travel friendly even there are sizes as per requirement. I had mine in small pack just to give it a try but I will admit that I have been used 2-3 such packs and looking for chance to get bigger one as I have completely satisfied with the product to go on further. The size is of 9gm.


  • The formula is fairly hydrating keeps moisture intact for long hours even winter does not make skin dry.
  • The shade is standard and mix with every skin tone easily.
  • What I liked best about it that it takes a pea size amount to cover entire face that way it goes long.
  • The fragrance is not overpowering instead soothing to the senses.
  • It comes with SPF24 UVB /UVB protection which is good for daily use..
  • It has vitamin C almond extract plus minerals for brightening. Vitamin C is responsible for brighter skin, almond has moisturising properties and other skin benefits and minerals transform face into radiant glowing skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • I have been using it without any skin concerns like break outs allergy or other.
  • Price is 165/- which is nominal for some good BB cream like this.


Not any

DISCLAIMER This post is not promotional & have affiliate links.

So this is perfect pick for everyday skin needs and also the cost is minimal per use. Girls at teenage can start with something like this or any women for quick touch up of face.


Thank you so much.XOXO

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