What To Do When Things Are Unfavourable

Hey you lovely people! Welcome back to my blog . As human we immensely deal with psychological imbalance of behaviour in day to day life, be it having sudden tantrums or having emotional wreck. Sometimes little things makes us grateful and other time greatest things doesn’t. Some moments make us carried away while some moments turn down our happy mood to despondency. Its natural to be angry envious or emotional for the time being but to nest above emotions permanently gonna disrupt the equation of a peaceful mind. They say happy mind is the key to happy life but depends what is the definition of a happy life. I think if you are content with everything you have on your platter you may called happy. Happiness is not a permanent state of mind though it keeps changing with time & resources . You are not supposed to be happy with the stuff you dreamt of months back because now your happiness quotient has been changed. The mantra of stress free life is to have balanced emotions. Excessive love hate or anger is not good for self and also may destroy relationship. So there are few tips to deal with overwhelmed situations,

Breathe & let it go

Suppose you are agitated over something or someone better to breathe and let the moment pass. The same applies for heat arguments. Dont revert with flushed brain no wonder you gonna spill something you may end up regret whole life also deliberately said words in the given situation can not be taken back but moment is surely gonna pass so is your emotion. One thing is surely rememberable that harsh words are hard to erase from memory. Sometimes in the flash of anger we express all that we wont in a sane mind. This may cause rift in the relations which is not good for further bonding. Forgive people to the length your heart allows if its unacceptable let it go.

Nothing is permanent

Nothing in life is permanent , People come and go , relationships wreck. Some give you hard lessons of reality some may bitter rest of your journey of life then who to fight and why? Will it help ? Life is like a growth graph which is rising and falling but continuously moving. Each fall is like a taught lesson to make us improved than before. Even nature has silent lessons to preach this rotation. Dusk would have been dawn tomorrow , spring would be autumn. Storm can any time knock out habitat disruptive lives but it all has to come to an end after awhile . No matter how worse the situation is something good is surely under wrap. Train your mind to deal with negativity around with a brimming hope that best is yet to come . Find solution not by being impulsive but calm. If you have lost someone something and life seems difficult without think positively about the meaning the message which is intact with may be its for your betterment. May be it want to see you stand on our feet doing better.

Destiny is Kind

Destiny has something good for everyone in some phase of life. It is written in the way which is good for us but we are unable to see the goodness and mourn over the path which leads us, that might be bumpy full of pits dark but the destination has some hidden surprise for sure. They say never give up , because if you chuck in the middle you wont feel the joy of achievement. So when we cant control it we can make it better by having optimistic mind. Believe in karma it pay us back in the same amount. People who hurt us it will come back to them sooner or later we need to be calm & earnest.

Expectation Depresses

We all expect better life, better people around better exposures but we end up regret why? because it is not what is written on our slate of destiny it is that we have built inside our mind for our own comfort. Our expectation is our true enemy which makes us loose interest from people things and eventually life. If somebody does act as per our expectation it hurts because we expected but rather not expressed. Expectation makes us vulnerable to the people. The same expectation we keep out of our destiny and it frustrates when it doesn’t perform the way we want it to as it performs on the basis of our past and present karma. We complain people hurt us by not doing the things we want them to but we actually need to remove this knot of expectation from our mind for a strong and smooth life.

Thank you so much for reading . XOXO

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