Birthday Party during Quarantine

Hey you guys ! Welcome back to my blog . The quarantine situation is not ceasing any soon & its sad for people who have birthdays coming up or already had. Birthdays are always special and we wait round the year to have ours. No wonder you would have planned lots of surprises for your birthday, having a rocking birthday bash and have great gathering of people to celebrate the occasion make you fell loved but its not happening your way but fret not. I m gonna give you few ideas to celebrate birthday party during quarantine trust me its gonna be memorable and why not? We Should always figure out ways to go with the situation rather than feel bad about it. Let’s know how to celebrate birthdays or special days being locked in the house.

Dress to impress

Wear your favourite dress , look glam put the make up on. Do it the way you had planned. The best thing about make up is it can quickly change dull mood to happy mood. Match best pair of footwear wear your favourite fragrance and look like a birthday doll. Trust me by doing so you gonna feel excited. Situation is going to be the same forever, Next year it all will be memories so create memories of the day than letting go in ungratefulness.

Click Pictures

Take selfie & related pictures , You may love to look back at the pictures. Take pictures with family members or with people who are with you at the time. Share with dear ones who could not join you in the given situation. Take your time to do little things which make you feel happy. Plant a seed on this day just for remembrance if you could carry it to next year to the same day, you will feel nice about it.

Make a bake

Since bakery shops are shut down no hope to get your pictured cake. Don’t worry even muffin will do if you can manage to bake one or try easy cake recipes from YouTube which needs general ingredient easily available in the kitchen. I yesterday tried such recipe of coco lava from YouTube and that turn out really well without messing around. If nothing significant lay chocolate biscuit topped with chocolate syrup or any toppings you can arrange that moment . Decorate room turn the music on and be ready to blow candles.

Connect with friends

Inviting friends over not possible ? No worries ask them to be virtually present for cake cutting. Design free bday cards and send them across. Celebrate birthday or special days virtually this year. When you have them on screen , live , hear their voices singing birthday song for you its all gonna feel right and happy. Virtual games can also be played. I f you stay alone connect with family talk to them about happy things memories to make the day positive. Gift to self even if its just a chocolate.

Our special days are always meant to bring happiness to our life so keep it intact & smile.It helps soothing nerves. If its your birthday today go get ready for the celebration what are you waiting for.

Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

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