Smokey Brown Eyes With Traditional Look

Hey you guys ! Welcome back to another post of my blog . Lately I have been trying different looks with supporting eye make up. It gives me fun and pleasure to explore new looks. Since quarantine period brought enough time for things which earlier were time taking & had to effort to align it with the routine . In the middle of this post I want to thank each one of you for being with me supporting me with your likes and comments it is greatly encouraging .Today I have created another look under traditional influence. Eye make up is smokey brown with the highlight of golden. I kept the eyes sharp but by using thick kohl however the look is decent. Usually I don’t go for dark shades of lipsticks but here I had to to match with rest of the theme. So if you liked it & want to get the details go through this post & share your valuable likes and comments if you are first time visitor a big welcome to you before I proceed.

Products Details

Eye palette is from LA girl Eye lux Mesmerising. Beautiful palette deeply pigmented well blends.Price 675/- You can more eyeshadow palette review here

Lipstick is from Mac shade is 809 Film Noir.Its satin texture not matte.MRP-1800/-

Concealer is from Tarte creaseless. Its perfectly light has beautiful formula. I am in the shade Light sand 209.

Kohl is from Kay Beauty. Waterproof smudge free nonirritating kohl. It comes with Smudger on the other side.MRP-500/-

Eye shadow pencil is from Kay beauty in the shade Golden Hour. I have reviewed all kay beauty eyeshadow pencils earlier.MRP 599/-

Rating: 4 out of 5.


On a cleansed face I applied Mac strobe cream mixing with glam glow starter Illuminating moisturiser. Above that applied concealer on the areas needs to be brighten . I skipped foundation altogether while dust off fit me loose powder all over to mattify face. I bronzed cheeks in upwards strokes and forehead vertically along hair line to have that healthy glow. There is no blush for this look if you want you can use but skip using corals reds & pink shades. I filled brows carelessly without perfection its just naturally done up. The tone of the face is warm as you can see its all brown tinge.

I always keep my make up theme same like if its pink it will be pink everywhere or if brown rest will be brown be it eyes , lipsticks blush etc as it gives refection of uniformity. Using too many shades on face violate the theme.


I have this palette from la girl which contain only 4 shades of brown which are darkest brown, light brown nude and ivory. I applied the shade no 1 all over my eyes to even out the surface. Next shade is lighter brown 2)( which I used on my upper lids all over. There is no specifically crease shade I am keeping it all brown just in ascending order of shade. Once it is done I can see clearly the brown effect so now I have to make it little more darker in the lash line and outer corners also upper eye area would also be one tone lighter than the lash line area. Here you just it go make the crease area lighter and upper area darker to see the best eyes. The darkest brown (3) I start to apply all over on my lash area to upwards in sweeping motion. Make the transition area enhanced by using darkest brown on outer eyes corner. I similarly follow this sequence in the lower lash area. I move onto apply kohl in my water line and smudge it a bit for smokey effect. I am using eye liner for this look to have sharp accentuated eyes so applied black eyeliner neatly I have used mine from Bobbi Brown but you can use any eyeliner you are good with. I drew extended line of eyeliner to tear duct . So yeah its done with applying lightest shade (4) on my brow bone. The last step is to draw golden eye pencil from tear duct to lower inner lash line half way and dropped. Little slanting line I drew on wing area just for change & it reflects perfectly from the angles. Thickened my lashes by using mascara ( All the product details are mentioned above).


Hope you appreciate it .See you in my next. Do subscribe for more content. Other links to find me

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