Daily Moisture Dose for Body

A well nourished skin is the best skin which needs no disguise.

Hey you lovely folks ! A healthy Smooth body is equally important as a radiant face is , It occurs that face receives all the attention and regular care but body gets neglect. Lack of moisture results into dry scaly body which initially start with just dryness but in the long run of moisture deficiency it becomes irritating, it may develop itching or eczema like symptoms. My dermatologist once told me that if you experience itching in your body it indicates that the amount of nutrition it needs in terms of moisturiser is not being given adequately. A lot of you may wonder that why the body remains unhydrated even after regular application of best body lotion. It really doesn’t matter how expensive your body lotion is its just the matter of hydration level which has in it. You have to check wisely how much hydration you need like if your skin is dry extremely dry or just normal skin of body. Also its imperative to check the consistency and post effect on the skin whether its is soft for the time being or remains so whole day.Whether your chosen body lotion is able to replenish skin requirements or its just a cream. I personally check thickness and 24 hours hydration even in the summers for that I keep trying body lotions and have come to reach on to these best body lotions for my skin which not only soothe heal but makes my skin soft all day and forever.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

Well this one of my all time favourite body lotion. I instantly fell in love with it seeing the instant effect. Its perfect for all skin types and boon for dry skin. The formula is like butter, thick, and quick dissolving only leave considerable moisture on the skin surface which doesn’t feel greasy but deep inside its does the job so deeply that you dont need anything else on body to hydrate. If you are in worst body skin you will see the results from day 1. It has Oatmeal & rich emollient that makes is fast absorbing and non greasy & maintain skin PH balance. The best part is its non comedogenic and even have separate lotion for eczema prone or sensitive skin. The other products from Aveeno are ameeno body wash, ameeno baby body range ameeno derma emollient cream. Knees , elbows and other area which is needed paying attention and gets rough in devoid of it ameeno lotion is perfect for healing such parts.

  • With the goodness of oatmeal and emollient
  • non comedogenic
  • Comes in a pack of 354ml for 850 /- INR $12
  • 24 hrs hydration, best for sensitive eczema prone skin.

Jergens Body Lotions

My another favourite and best moisturiser is of course Jergens”. I am so glad that after having tried so many lotions my search ended on these. The formula is perfectly thick to keep skin soft for hours. The lotion has African shea butter which is known to be great for deep moisture also it makes skin radiant with regular use. I would say these two lotions are best for winters and if they can satiate winter body needs they are perfect summer body lotions too. I loved everything about it right from packaging which is sturdy comes with dispenser easy pump , fragrance which is mild and soothing, hydration which stays 24 hrs and skin lightening which do reflects in days of daily use. This is one of those inexpensive body lotions which has double benefits for skin with that of expensive ones.

  • Main ingredients are cocoa see butter, Caramel , Mango seed butter etc.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Price 499/- 7$ for 400 ml.

St ives Daily Hydrating Body Lotion

St Ives offer great bath to skin care range and its very effective for the price it has. I have used body shower and body lotions only from St Ives and it felt remarkable on skin. The consistency of the body lotion is medium but it hydrates deep within however you might have to reapply if you are extremely dry skin. Its perfect summer lotion with adequate hydration. Skin feels nourished smooth non greasy. It is another inexpensive body lotion in the price it offers also the quantity is considerably high. There are many variance such as Vitamin E & avocado body lotion, Oatmeal & shea butter body lotion, Blueberry & chia seed, coconut & orchid, skin renewing collagen elastin body lotion, etc. So a great range to choose from as per your liking and skin need. Since it is made with 100 percent natural moisturisers so skin safe and good choice for sensitive skin. It behaved well with my skin no complaints with the product performance.You can also trust any of them for your daily body lotion and you wont regret. Price 649/- 9$ for 621 ml. I regret for not having empty bottles as I have thrown them without considering.

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