Are you Having Disturbed Sleep

Getting enough of sleep is very important for healthy mind & fresh body . Due to certain reasons our sleep pattern get disturbed. There might be many reasons for not getting sound sleep. Research says Having adequate sleep is directly responsible for happy mood. You must have noticed if the last night sleep is disturbed we don’t feel fresh the next morning. Our body feels weary and mind absurd. Sleep is the way to recharge brain for the next day”s activity. Its alarming if one doesn’t get regular sleep hours because it would be effecting other body cycles. If this is something relatable to you & lately began to have irregular sleeping hours go through these possible reasons and address the problem based on your symptoms.


Spending too much time on your mobile phones laptop & other gadgets can cause greatest distraction which results into uneasy mind and for having smooth sleep mind should be calm and relaxed. Most of the people are games addict some are attentive to every notification it plays, Some are preparing presentations for meeting while some are glued to social media updates. It doest feel but such reasons disturb our brain and ask it to be alert all the time . Brain needs to be off burden before sleeping & you’re checking of mobile phones intermittently wont rest the brain to prepare for the sleep it needs at the scheduled timings. Besides other reasons of distraction is over thinking , Thinking of problems , personal issues or day mishap deeply for hours snatch sleep away.


Insomnia is result of mental imbalance. People who suffer from depression have nervous system disorder can have insomnia where they get very less & erratic sleep. Certain medication also cause insomnia. This state is difficult and person becomes irritable due to inadequate sleeping hours. On the contrary some medication provides sedatives which fulfil sleep deficiency. If you have been seeing the symptoms of insomnia do see the doctor to cure it.

Changed schedule

Another reason of disturb sleeping routine is afternoon nap or mid day siesta. It does affect night sleep in a way that either you might be completely out of sleep or the sleep falls into eventually at midnight. Sometimes you feel drowsy more in the daytime than night. Having sleep in the day time surely not gonna give smooth sleep at night. So in that case its not stressful for body as it feels fresh and mind relaxed except you might have disturbed sleep at night but somehow ideal hours of sleep has been obtained on the whole..

Active mind

If you are too excited about next days ‘s planning its gonna take your sleep away. The excitement might be related to some happening event , someone special visiting you or something special coming up which keeps your brain racing around thoughts. Sometimes it even might be stressful thoughts of the earlier day so this is why the sleep pattern might be delayed.

  • Do read a book before bedtime it makes sleep easy.
  • Chuck mobiles phones off an hour before scheduled sleeping time. Also keep the phones away from bedside corners so that the urge to peer into the screen might be dismissed.
  • Keep the notification off after dinner.
  • Avoid sipping on tea coffee prior bedtime as it boost energy and stimulate brain functions.
  • Take a brisk walk post dinner to have light stomach. With full stomach sleeping might cause ingestion, bile juice in the food-pipe or flatulence which may also affect sleep.
  • Try to breathe & calm your mind get rid of thoughts which might trigger your thinking process.
  • Dont fall into so much of discussion or arguments before sleep to avoid stress.
  • Its important to have at least 8 hours of sleep in a day for a healthy mind .
  • The quantity of meal and time also responsible to sleep .if you are starving or not have dinner at regular timings it may disturb the sleep cycle .

Thank You So Much For Reading.XOXO

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