How to wear kajal smudge free

Hey you guys ! Welcome back to my blog with another post which is related to kohl application. Kohl is something every women love to wear, One side it makes eyes appear bigger and other side its looks glam. Kohl has this quality to transform simple look to appealing in minutes. It is one of those cheaper beauty item makes you gorgeous effortlessly anytime. I personally am kohl lover back from my college days I remember wearing kohl everyday I first started with Lakme Kajal which was only eye make up then. One thing about kohl is not so pleasing which is the smudge. No matter how precisely you apply it does smudge more or less. Beauty Stores are flooding with smudge free kohl which claims to give smudge free eyes for hours but they seldom work, So I have come with my personal tips for wearing kohl in a way that stays fresh in the eyes smudge free.


This tip is simple yet workable. Apply bit of concealer under eyes including lash line before kohl to prevent it from budging . Concealer sets into the skin around eyes soaking oil thus mattifies under eye area for long lasting kohl. You can also use this trick for clean kohl application as many times under eye area looks dull when kohl is applied without having brighten it up with the concealer. Concealer make it look clean also smudge free for long time. In concealer cream concealer are best for this purpose as they are thick and well adhere to the skin than liquid ones.

Foundation powder

Foundation powder are also best to quick fix kohl smudge , it can be used before or after . It is best for the time when you got smudge in the middle of the day all you can do is swipe it with the dab of powder to make it look in order. Powder settles kohl in the same way as concealer. The powder can be baking powder or setting powder also.

Eye shadow

For long lasting kohl top it with black powder eye shadow and it will look thicker and more defined. The dab of powder eyeshadow turn gel kohl into matt which control smudge and eyes are neat. It even serves the purpose of smokey eyes.


Kohl quality is another important thing to look for. Creamy kohl smudge easily in contact with little humid or sweat. Go for matte ones it stays longer on eyes without smudge. Kajal cum eyeliner products also can be considered as it does dual action. Invest in quality product for eyes. Also check for eye allergy if you have to some particular ingredient in the kohl which makes you rub eyes. Rubbing eyes frequently wash off kohl from water line and it spreads all over. Apply kohl after putting tear eye drops which keeps eyes moist and less irritable to stop rubbing them. If you are fan of long lasting kajal in all weather circumstances go for waterproof it does not budge easily be it washing off face or drenching in the rain. Kay Beauty Kohl is very good for this purpose it stays longer smudge free in the eyes. Clinique kajal Blackened Black 04 is good for sensitive eyes .

Thank you so much for Reading.XOXO

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