Relationship Tips

“If you are in true relationship it wont let you sink”

Hey you guys ! Relationship is worth when it does all to make you alive & confident. It is that support which helps to cope up through thick and thin. Every relationship gets stronger when it is nurtured with care, affection trust and time. Someone once said if a person is giving you his time that is the most precious thing among others. Everything in this world draws your time towards commitments of any form for it to sustain. A child need mothers time, Plants need your time for watering them , Kids need mother’s time for their growth & even marriage takes equal time of two people who are associated together by vows of love. An ideal relationship is supporting, caring, benevolent, full of empathy and unshakeable. If a relationship lacks these qualities it surely not a perfect one or mean to collapse. They say no relation is perfect all has some flaws of some kind I do admit but if it lacks basic qualities of ideal relationship like love care respect its not gonna work no matter how long you wait for things to get in shape it won’t .It will keep exposing the patches. Any relation can be stronger with taking care of little little things. So today I am gonna mention some valuable points which can help growing up to unbreakable bond.

Avoid Argument

Avoid arguments as much as possible. There is a way to express calmly , blurting out in a fit of rage may end up relationship spark. Bickering about petty matters make you quarrelsome and somehow you become ready to rain abrupt phrases which might break the layer of respect your partner had for you. Never converse in an angry mood it wont give fruitful results instead you might create more issues together. Be quiet if you not feel to step in the heating pan. If you have to win an argument let it be your partner because you might win the argument but loose the person. Make sure to settle before and not go to bed with unsettle argument.


Respect each other for no reason it should be naturally intact. If you give respect you get the same in return. The boundary of respect keeps you in the limit you may double think to surpass until things are worst. Respect their decisions while putting up your opinion. Sometimes we cant see others point of view and keep pushing our opinion up to them. Be assertive be upfront but that should not be crossed to the length of ungratefulness and disrespect. When you take your relationship for granted chances are for you to receive the same. Don’t yell at each other until the house in on fire.

Love Is all

Love unconditionally. True love never dies and it cant be disguised . Love is strongest it keeps your partner tied with you. The efforts you put in for him little gestures of care it all counts and makes your love grow deeper together. Such love has no suspicion no doubt of cheating or being cheated. On the other side putting your soul into relation that doesn’t value will keep you bitter on the inside, However Going through the pain of cheating & mistrust indicate that this relationship is not worth keeping Move on then. Love is said to be happening many times but true love happens once and steadily it settles onto one person only throughout life and if it keep falling with others its not true love.

Remember Special Days

Celebrate special days birthdays anniversaries without miss. It has a way of rekindle existing bond . If possible plan something different create surprise make him feel loved and wanted. Man don’t express much but they also love surprises they also love to be pampered the way women do. Dont talk about unpleasant past mistakes make most of the day in good stuff.

Learn to forgive

Forgive mistakes for better relationship. Give them chance to improve to realise mistakes. Let them realise the effect of their mistakes on you but never give up . Don’t turn your back away from the person & problems. Forgive like the most natural thing don’t be sarcastic about issues talk clearly, Maintain transparency in your relations. Keeping secrets is not healthy whenever it expose it topples the world down.

Be Yourself

No matter how much some relation matters to you just don’t loose yourself to keep it. Compromises never work may be for the time being but not forever. If something mean to stay it will. Compromises makes you vulnerable & with time it realises that you are no longer that person you used to be. Suppressing your real identity brings dejection and despondency in the long run. You can adjust with people with your compromises but can loose the joy of living. True love brings the best in you it find you perfect the way you are. People who ask you to change will change one day. Skip the thought and focus on making you better in person .

Thank you so much for Reading. XOXO

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