Spring Hair Care

Hey you lovely people! Hair care is an essential step to avoid hair problems , With changing season and climate we also need to change hair products.You can never be sure of best hair all your life. Hair go through a lot of problems some people deal with dryness some are fed up with prevailing dandruff some are struck on short length as they don’t have enough growth while others are struggling from non stop hair fall. I personally dealt with severe hair fall years back & the actions which helped me were updated hair care routine, find the best product for my hair type, also I got test my physical deficiency because no matter how many product you use on hair it wont benefit unless the cause is identified. Vitamin D deficiency is the most common reason of hair fall if its not getting better with hair products. & scalp problems like dandruff and blocked pores also trigger hair fall. Generally seasonal hair fall gets fine on its own there is no need to be panic but if its incessant & not pausing you need to get it tested whether your are vitamin deficient . Hair need plenty of nutrients , blood to the roots for their growth and sustainability, When by any reason this circulation of blood to the roots get disturbed hair roots becomes fragile and prone to break. So today I am going to mention my trusted hair care products which are absolutely great on hair,

Kiehl ‘s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for quite some time now and it was my best decision to invest on this one. As the name suggests It has rice & wheat which is perfect nutrition for weak & thin hair. This shampoo is thin consistency and so light on hair , it foams sufficiently in a gentle way. The fragrance is mild and refreshing . The packaging is quite basic consisting thick plastic bottle with click cap opening. I would recommend this to women who have unmanageable flat & lifeless hair. This shampoo make hair so soft & manageable as it remains tangle free with each combing. I would also mention that it do give perfect volume to the hair to look fuller. It may help you controlling hair fall also as it has great ingredients for hair to keep them healthy from the roots.

  • It revitalise hair without interrupting hair of its natural lipids.
  • After blow dry hair looks bouncy and soft.
  • Its best for hair fall phase when hair becomes flat due to excessive fall , it gives them fuller appearance.
  • Deep cleanse hair leaving no residue.
  • Deals gently with dandruff.
  • Ingredients – RICE , WHEAT , PROTEINS , AND JOJOBA SEED & RICE BRAN FOR CONDITIONING .Besides sugar wax, honey nectar lactic acids , vitamins , carotene, enzymes are some of other ingredients.
  • Price is 1800/-( 25 $ ) for 250 ml.
  • Parabens free.
  • Made is USA.

Kiehls Rice And Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse

This is the conditioner which I highly recommend to use along with the shampoo to get the best results. This conditioner makes damaged hair so smooth and also repair them at the ends. The consistency is moderate and creamy it feels like a smoothening layer on the hair which you gonna love. Its perfect to use when you couldn’t do oiling and hair is frizzy it gives them nourishment in the length. Its always impressive to use conditioner on the strands not on the scalp as its gonna give hair problem. Talking about packaging its light weighted and convenient. It takes little amount to spread all over the hair go goes long way.

  • Ingredients Rice bran Oil, jojoba seed oil, honey , glycol, chinensis seed oil, candelilla wax, Wheat protein, protein etc.
  • Fragrance is so refreshing .
  • Manage hair ,makes them tangle free , smooth and strong .
  • 200 ml for 1550/- ( 22$)
  • Gentle on hair and control hair breakage .
  • Apply suitable amount after shampoo and spread evenly leave it there for 5-10 minutes and rinse.


  • Wheat has plenty of zinc ,iron , and vitamin B so its undoubtedly good for hair health.
  • Zinc helps with nourishment and treating scalp problems like dryness or dandruff.
  • Vitamin is main ingredient for hair growth. also Iron makes them stronger from the roots so that they doesn’t break easily.
  • Rice water adds shine and responsible for hair growth as well.

So do give it a try you might get what you want in a shampoo. For nourished hair do hair massage with some light hair oil which has some benefits to your hair and surely wash it after 20 minutes. Sometimes keeping oil in the scalp for longer time also trigger hair fall but that doesn’t explain not putting any oil in the head. You can even wrap hot towel around head after oiling for unblocking pores and deep penetration of oil to the roots. This is all for today see you in my next.


Thank you so much for reading. XOXO

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