Lifestyle Tip Out Of Old Necklace

Hey you lovely people ! First of all I am so excited to announce that I have finally got my monthly skin care after much wait which I am gonna shortly share with you. There are new skin products I am gonna try out . I feel soon life gonna be back on track with normality and its so much respite, However we have to be little more careful about the life to come just to ensure safety of us and our loved ones. Today I am just about sharing my personal tips about using an old necklace . We all have fascination about jewelries & I just love teaming apparel with suitable jewellery. Necklaces are something which are not much worn until they are super light. Traditional necklaces and heavy fashion necklaces get old also and its so sad to not being used them afterwards. I still had the same issue then I realise if I could bring it to even one purpose of utility I would be worth. Since then I do use my retire neck lace for many use if not much practical then at least for capture :). So lets lets jump into the post to know more about ways to use necklaces as another ornament hack.

Wear it as tiara

This way is traditional and look so gorgeous , but you need to dress up accordingly. For this purpose I used this zirconia plus pink beaded necklace it was bought years ago but I would say the shine and quality of the necklace is still in place. It has hook fastening and the appearance of the necklace is sober. For wearing head tiara, used necklace should be choker with chain not string one, As string choker wont fit nicely on head . I adopted this look on a wedding ceremony where I lacked head ornaments . I admit it turned out so good and everyone was asking about details of from where I had such beautiful head decor. The neatness of tucking pining is everything or you will be exposed . Use small bobby pins of hair color , Big hair pins or decorative pins to hold the necklace in the place. Behind it can be tucked neatly under layer of hair for much clean look. This tip is for those who does not want to splurge in another item like” maang tika” but want similar look can work with this tip.

Necklace design decides what way it would be appropriate.


I love wearing anklets and it becomes more trendy when you wear in just one leg. It makes you look chic and boho. To use necklace as anklet I took my single chain necklace which has hook closure. The length is pretty enough to wrap in two or three rounds around ankle . There is line of gangling rhinestones which make it perfect pick to use as an anklet. Its so light weight and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I have to mention these necklaces are pretty sassy and every women should have just in case. I bought couple of styles of this necklace from sheen , you can visit and fine beautiful fashion jewellery. The quality is very good and the prices are real cheap for such necklace on Sheen. Its within 200 INR & 2$. To keep it in pristine condition wrap it in satin cloth or lay them on a small sheet of cotton in the box. It just a very useful tip for making best use of unused necklace.


Bracelets are capable of giving any outfit a sumptuous look. I love wearing bracelets right from my teenage. Well Bracelet are back in vogue . So I created this idea of wearing necklace as bracelet. Layered necklace or chain necklace with dangling detailing of stones , coins or other trendy object make it best pick for this purpose. I got couple of such good necklaces from sheen which can easily be worn as bracelet without being noticed , due to the perfect length and fastening hook it comes neatly round to closure. In the above image I only wrap necklace round my wrist and hooked. My only complain with necklaces is that the hook is not so good quality as it comes off often, though its not applicable to all but most likely.

If you love wearing statement jewellery & not been able to make it used fully go for these tips to transforming them into another ornament. The only thing to understand is to pick the right kind of piece of jewellery to be used as ankle bracelet or head tiara. I hope you found it any useful and appreciate. See you in my next.


Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO.

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