How To Pose For Sensuous Photography

Photography is something everyone does, great or average that comes later. The main purpose of photography is to capture lives in an original moment. With the advent of filter apps it became easy to give pictures desirable effect. It’s now easy to transform a single picture into different versions of view, be it vintage black and white or warm. People wonder why some people are always photogenic and master the art of posing while other struggle with clicking good pictures. Some people are naturally talented with clicking good pictures while other are professionally talented. If little things are considered anyone can click good portraits of self and others, at least when you can’t have professional photographer due to any reason .Today I am going to share few tips of clicking sensuous portrait just on your own.A good camera is an important paraphernalia of photography and results are largely depend of what camera you use , camera of apple I phone is also great to trust for pictures just it does not zoom in for selfies. In the post I am helping out with the tips of self clicking so lets jump into the rest of the post of how to pose in front of camera for best portraits.

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Know you style

Every person has different style. Some make best funny faces some have natural expressions some have appealing eyes or some are best in looking alluring. if we assume a forever serious person to be instantly funny in front of camera may be he could not bring it in, Or a laughing kid to be serious opposite of his nature he wont do justice with the captures or it may take him time to settle onto different version of his nature. For clicking best of natural portraits its important to know your style , the style you master let it be any. You should not force yourself to fit into someone else style. Know your style and study the expressions which defines you best.

Right Angle

Right angle decides how is the shoot gonna be turn out, if the angle is not good and you are unable to put the object rightly in the focus , pictures wont be impressive. Always take time to decide what effect is to be put in a particular picture for instance if you want to illuminate your face in candle light or want to capture your hair colour swaying around in sunlight. Its mandatory for self clicks to know what impression you want to capture whether eyes to be taken in the frame or piece of jewellery of full face in a random gesture. Look for the right place to sit it should not be too bright or too dark. Brightness beyond a need spoil colour balance of the pictures if might make you look greatly white cast. Same with dark pics that face is not proper highlight on the desirable areas.

Peek a boo

Play with peek a boo style it captures well. A see through scarf or net veil, the images turn out really professional by this trick. Sometimes covering face in angles too becomes a different pose. Its not always up to click front face , staring face in space side glance over something or even focus face behind some object gives pictures fresh look. When you are self clicking its limited to cover till bust area. Taking full pictures might be cumbersome and struggling with the adjustment of focus and eventually its not gonna be remarkable. That is why we need professional photographers. I myself click my portraits and I am good at it than clicking full size pictures but I can always click best for others. Try to think of the objects & style which might be experimenting and give your portrait a sensuous effect.

Camera setting

Like I said A good camera is everything for photography it should be DSLR at least for clarity. I always trust my canon M50 for my portraits as it gives me the exact picture as I am looking at the moment , On the contrary some beauty apps makes you too white too chiselled or sometimes you don’t look even yourself with accessive correction of facial features. I make sure to click on auto mode as it gives you facility to adjust brightness colour even shots can be filtered afterwards if you like. The picture in this mode comes clean and neat you don’t have to do any other thing other than smoothening. Natural light fix a lot of things as the images are appropriately brighter but again refrain from too much of light on face check with other direction. The things which I learnt myself that pictures come really great if you place the your face opposite to the light and camera in the light direction. Turn the LCD display facing you so you can check what is being captured if it needs any correction. Use zoom in feature as per requirement too close or too far object can disturb the balance of the picture. If need set it on timer mode to auto click for you. One thing is also important to keep the LCD display vertical to get full image or else horizontal angle cuts most of the picture giving just horizontally cropped image.

Disclaimer: In the post I have given tips for clicking self portraits or close up pictures. This is not a detailed photography guide as I am not professional photographer I have mentioned ways I adopt for my personal portraits and people appreciate. There is no intention to replace the idea of professional shoots.


Thank You So much For Reading. XOXO

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  1. A very interesting read! The tips you gave (especially about personal style) are so practical and useful. I’m currently browsing for a new camera and I’ll definitely try these tips out when I get it. Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Its great to hear from you . thanks love


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