Say No To These Styles In Spring

Do’s & Don’ts Of Spring Fashion

Spring is a welcome change after months of chilly foggy days. This is the time when we get rid of heavy woollens and body covered suits . One side where winter season is perfect for cozy living spring enthral our body with the warmth of sun. The season brings couple of changes in our lifestyle, body & wardrobe as well. Spring is the time when the closet needs to be updated as per comfort and fashion. The stuff which was winter soothing might not be best for spring as the need keep changing with every season coming up. With thousands of fashionable outfits in the boutique it would be unfair to just cling onto basic clothing. The season is more about comfort from heavy fabrics , protection from the sun in outdoor activities, & fun by the beaches on balmy evenings or exploring coolest location of suburbs. Spring is mid way and its time to update wardrobe by accommodating couple of easy breezy clothes.

First of all it is important to know the average temperature scale of your location as there are many places which are warmer only for couple of months and some are comparatively hotter for longer time, if this is the situation then you have to be ready with two segments of clothes. Clothes for extremely hot months and clothes which can be stretched wearing half of the year. For instance you cant be enjoying wearing camis in extremely rain prone locations as it may be chilled after a downpour.

Jeans (Dont’s)

Jeans is not a good idea in spring as in India these months are sizzling hot fortunately this year its pleasant so far due to off and on raining. Considering jeans on a hotter day might be an unpleasant invitation to sweaty legs. The fabric of jeans is thick and cling round the skin make it clammy. Besides to have fun evenings in the water or rough outings jeans might be hard manage as it may get stains mud or even soak.


Think about wearing shorts, cropped jeans , cotton ankle grazer, mesh trousers light cotton denim in regular fit , ruffle trousers or slit pants with wide hem, Mini skirts in denim or Anything which is flowy and breathable. Light Denim jackets with or without sleeve is another great option to team up with tube dresses tops and cami dresses. It meets both fashion and comfort point.

Polyester ( Dont’s)

Avoid wearing clothes made up of polyester in spring season as they are non breathable and not gentle on the skin. Since most of the styles come in polyester & its hard to completely avoid but, this can be replaced with cotton chiffon and other soft fabrics which feel good and light for long hours. Polyester itch a lot on sweaty skin, alsos skin rashes & prickly heat might be other concerns. If your wardrobe is dominating over polyester pack it for warmer months. Go for summer chic outfits with prints ruffles and drama sleeves.


Full sleeves clothes are no for spring as you wont want to be covered up in already warm climate. However if you are not a sleeveless person then go for net , chiffon sleeve style with designer slits in between. Button slits in sleeves are trending as well. Moreover cap & 3/4 sleeves are summer relieving too.

(DO’s )The full sleeves protect arms from tanning so cotton chiffon rayon are the best fabrics in long sleeve styles. To lessen the impact of the heat mesh & see through styles are pickable, do check for inner lining material for comfort wearing.

Dark Colours ( Dont’s)

Spring bring most of the heat in the environment so wearing dark colours can double the warmth. Dark colours absorb the heat and make you feel more warmer on the inside plus that’s not pleasant to others in sight. The lighter are summer clothes the more respite it give to the wearer.

(DO’s Colours like Yellow, White, Aqua Blue , Sea Green, Pink, Peach , Beige, ivory are some of the great colour options to choose from. Neatly aside the dark colours for autumn and winter season and indulge in soft bright colours to have most of the season.

Sequins & Glitter (Dont’s)

Again sequins is not something comfy for spring, Sequinned clothes are abrasive to body and might give rash in contact with skin. The same goes with glitter outfits though its trending and have glam quotient intact . The glitter particles keep on falling sticking to the face and body bothering with serious eye inflammation.

DO’s . Rather choose light breezy maxi dresses for special occasions, deep neck with designer embellishments for a change. Team up a simple solid cami with an overlay jacket or shrugs for difference. Capes are also best to team up with strappy outfits. If embellishment is your thing try out pearl embellishment patch embroidery, colourful pom pom detailing with mirror work outfits .

Tee shirts ( Do’s)

Tee shirts are the most fashionable yet simple piece of clothe. Cotton and jersey tee shirts are the best bet for humid season. They are soft, skin-safe and comfortable for any occasion, Be it catching up on friends or rushing to grocery. Tee shirts are still underrated when it comes to fashion, surprisingly a simple white tee can be worn in many styles with many outfits. Similarly cotton shirts are perfect rough wear for such weather. They keep body at ease, with various styling versions .Once they get retired still they got some or the other use. Here are a few team ups of a tee shirt,

  1. Tee shirt with bustier
  2. Tee shirt with a knot
  3. Tee shirt under cami
  4. Tee shirt with broad belts
  5. Tee shirt with denim shrug
  6. Tee shirt with heavy neckpiece club with boho skirts ( indo western style).

Skirts are super convenient and sassy , who would not love summer friendly prints and easy ruffles of skirts, Wrap and satin skirts have comfort advantage. You can try geometrical prints , rhinestone embellishments bright thread detailing and mirror skirts. All are very trendy.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses with fabrics like cotton, chiffon, mulmul, jersey are the best summer bet. Ankle length or above is the perfect length to manage, as extra long might obstruct movements. Chiffon are super soft easy maintenance fabric, they dry quickly breathable and feels light on the body with a sense of respite against sweat. Long dresses are used all round the year just with little transformation its wins the game of styling.


Springs are more about light fashion accessories than layering with most of it. Feather earrings , flower studs , scrunchie with scarf are some of such examples. Too tacky or heavy piece of jewellery have you get uncomfortable. Less is more when it comes to spring fashion. Best team up is when it meets fashion comfort & pocket. It really doesn’t matter how much you splurge on clothes but how nicely styled.


Crochet are my personal favourite, they were seen a lot in the house decor a few years back. This season you will see various styles of crochet outfits , they are super chic comfortable and cotton.They come in bright colours and perfect treat to spring fashion. Crochet scarves and jackets are so in demand. Do have a crochet piece in the spring closet this year.


Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

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