Beware Of These People For Mental Peace

Rightly said A good company brings the best out of you , No matter if you have that one right person by your side than the crowd of 100 fake people. A good company is like cheery on the cake beautify and add perfect flavours to the life. Truly our life is a reflection of people around us & the kind of people we surround with impact our life in the same proportion. It’s not easy to have trustful friends , people you can lean on in the time of low, Sometimes we end up confiding in unreliable people & results are terrible for long time. In the vast mass of people we interact with a lot of people with personality variations and to get along with everyone with the same intensity is not possible. There are people of all kind so not all supposed to be your well wisher though they might have seemed quiet concerned for you. Its perfectly ok to be alone than trapping with fake people, Believe or not you might be like them or completely loose your sanity just to be with them. Socialising is an art and not everyone master it, Sometimes in the rush of being desirable emotional people suffer a lot as their heart is pure and far from the faux charade. .There is diversity in the choices , behaviour & goals and it surely cant be the same yet some people are best to let others down in any possible way. Carve your way out of their influence or choose to split from them before they succeed to tarnish you. There is such category of people I am listing below ,

Dual Personality People

The people with dual faces are extremely toxic people because you never get hold of which side to trust . They are attention seekers so can divulge anything for their own benefits. They slip effortlessly into any role the situation ask for. They might be the one giving you best life lectures pretend to be pillar of strength but not publicly, whereas they seem to be complete stranger to you in the group. You would have noticed such people around who behave differently in the groups and private. Stay away from double standard people as they have nothing great to give you except confusion & tension. They are not going to be any support as they long for shifting people in no time. Know their motive when they say you can confide in them & on the other side gossip about you.


This category of people might bring discontent to the life of people who have average means of living. It’s not wrong to be prosperous but unfair to lay the influence on others to downcast them. Some people are so much into show off that they deliberately inflict inferiority in others . There is always that one person who purposely talk about prices and designer outfits , that how expensive car they have bought that how opulent their lifestyle is . This kind of aura is not uplifting especially when you are financially not so sound , the discussion about their achievements will only make your shortcomings more visible . You might have to stress upon things which you cant control , This may result into frustration anger and unhappiness. True friends have best means to cheer you up to energise the dull spirit with pragmatism and positivity.They make you capable of realising your strength than let you down with materialistic stuff.


Someone has rightly said , there is cure to illness but not to envy. No amount of goodness will stop them from hating you. People get jealous due to your looks , position, success & virtues and you cant help it . In the race of pleasing them to manage relation with them you are somewhere trying to water wither a plant as they not gonna love you ever when they cant figure out why they hate you.Its important to be surrounded by positive vibes and people with mean thoughts poison your workings. People hate when you have some qualities embed so just recognise such people in you life and move on silently .

Too Sweet

Some people got sugar coated tongue and they never speak transparent. Such mass of people believe in destroying with the sugar but wont give sour lime. They got popularity and have chunk of friends, they are with everyone and with no one truly. Their words are mindful & expressions are framed . To attract maximum crowd is the prime goal but on the inside they are the most crap themselves. Don’t expect to have life support & fruitful advise from such type of people. They cant relate with practicality as their world is full of unapproachable theories. As human we all feel to express in natural way without coating words with idealism & diplomacy what’s wrong in fact to say good to good & bad to bad. Don’t we suppress the real self & go against our inner voice just to match with the social harmony. It’s good to have that one critique person who finds fault and make you better person constantly. If our parents had not punished us for couple of wrong childhood deeds just to secure sweet tongue we wont have been emerged as today.


Well they seem the most genuine people , their personality and words are too ideal almost surreal but they stick to none. They are those people who give you advices and fake strength but if you ask for real help they wont turn up . They leave you stranded struggling. They talk about morals and values but lack all of it..They believe in only educating people and pull off the cable when you need them actually. Surprisingly they come back to you when you are worth of something or else let you loose.Their presence is periodic & not the one who you actually can count on for any better.

The world is full of junkies but there are gems too, There are those who let you sink but there are those too who picked all of your pieces and put together its not about we cant rely on anyone its just on the basis of their role in your life.Are they really benefitting you any way ? Physical benefits are greater than monetary so be with best people who make it all different. Having talked to someone for more than 5 minutes gives you stress than yes there is something not right with the person or the compatibility of you two together. So be with your kind of people for healthy mind..

Thank You So Much For Reading .XOXO


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  1. Great post ! Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼


    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Thanks you so much ❤️


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