Top MaC Lipstick Shades

Mac is my one of the favourites brand for lipstick , Though I didn’t much like the foundation and other stuff from the brand. It just did’t seem to work well with my skin but the lipsticks are amazing. I cant resist to hoard Mac lipsticks, I have pretty good collection of all the prominent shades I had selected with much research. I am lipstick lover specially nude ones I seldom put on bold ones though I have liking for bright colours. Its been a good long time having used Mac lipsticks and I must say that they worth it. I know I am late to swatch Mac shades as its been popular for a while now & mostly swatches are all over the internet , Here I am gonna give you selected swatches but more likely they are the best shades I have come across so far. The biggest problem with you tube swatches is the shades are not the same. There are some shades which I bought with great hope just by seeing you tube swatches but they turned up complete different shade. It Happens a lot of time that some sensational lipstick shade actually turn blooper for you. I have also wasted a lot of money on the lipstick shades I knew I am never gonna wear as its just was not my expectation. The lip tone is responsible for some lipstick to look gorgeous on other person & not look half good on you. Mac has wide range of shades for every skin tone & for every occasion. So in today’s post I would like to share my top Mac lipstick shades and also let you know more about formula price and best shades for everyday so stick to the rest of the post.

Mac has all kind of formula as matt, gloss, satin and metallic. They comes under different collection you can check for entire range depending your choice. I personally prefer matt the most then satin of course but glossy and metallic I am not so good at. Matt has two variants one which is too matt then comes semi matt (retro collection )which is hydrating as well and gentle on lips . One thing is good about Mac’s Matt that they are never drying even if you got habit of Mum-ing still the pigment stays not completely wiped off. All the shades are beautifully pigmented & no more coating for better colour. In just one deep stroke the shade appear nicely. Besides pros I m not so impressed with the black packaging it looks so basic & doesn’t refer to a luxury brand like Mac. Love me lipstick collection has fancy sticks & I have just one shade from it ‘Hey Frenchie’ this is pink nude with satin formula and keeps the lips hydrating for whole day. I am NC 25 & my lips are medium pink so the shades are as per that tone which you might see in the swatches. Remember if the original colour of lips is too pink or too deep then the shades gonna be look different from the swatches. Too pink lips enhance the actual lipstick colour and deep tone lips suppress so take care of this point.

Breathing fire ( not in the swatches) 20$

Mac has mini lipstick range as well for shade surety and you refrain of spending full amount that’s a big relief therefor recently I had mini ones those shades I was confused going on for but wanna try. So these mini Mac lipstick shades are MOCHA , RUSSIAN RED, MEHER. Mocha is beautiful brown nude and its perfect for everyday. Meher is nude pink & its lighter than it looks this is again my go-to shade then comes Russian which is deep red for cocktail evenings the formula of all three is matt but smooth on lips. Moving on to the rest of the shades from Retro Matt Collection the very first is FILM NOIR & its deep brown close to dark coffee colour its not a regular lipstick shade use it for dramatic look the formula is satin. Second in the row is MATTE DIVA its deep maroon.

Mac mini lipsticks 1050/- 15$
Refer to the description for shades

Next is powder lipstick shade MANDARIN close to coral and is too matt. Next shade is MOCHA, after that is FLAT OUT FABULOUS & its deep magenta for everyday looks. This shade is my favourite and can highlight even the most dull outfits. SATIN SUSSHI KISS is light coral shade and its actually not my shade this is perfect for deep complexion as it doesn’t come out on my lips feels too light. This shade is from retro matt collection and its DANGEROUS which is deep orange close to red & perfect everyday shade for light and medium complexion girls. Next shade is MEHER & then comes RUSSIAN RED. RUNWAY HIT is another nude pink shade and its light on lips but beautiful for natural looking lips. SO these are the shades for everyone to choose from.


Disclaimer: This is not a promotional post containing affiliate links. All the information about the product is true to my knowledge.

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