How To Get Absolute Happiness

The right definition of peace is when your mind is calm & heart content , Truly in the fast pace life everyone is involved in rat race, Race for survival. The race for food shelter and living sometimes snatch our real happiness which in fact lies in moneyless things. We burden our life with the expectation of things we not even sure will last forever & in the process loose ourselves. I am not averse to the idea of progress nobody dislikes comfort luxury but on what grounds ? Physical debilities , Mental exhaustion & even though insufficient time to imbibe this prosperity. True happiness received when we do what we actually like not just to meet with the societal equation. We don’t realise initially but as age passes there is that anger frustration starts growing which doesn’t let us stay at ease. A happy soul is capable to make everything all right but if we are struggling with self happiness can not possibly give positive atmosphere to the people around us. The means of happiness might be different for everybody to some its just walking in the rain , to some its planting , plunging in the lap of nature might someones biggest happiness & some might just be happy in happiness of others. There is one more category of people who fail to be happy. No amount of material interest them. So lets know how to get a life with happiness through these points listed below,,

Follow Your Heart

No doubt heart is always right even though situated in the left side of body. Our heart has strong way to indicate good & bad to us ,When we over look the signal we might be repented for the longest time. Always listen to the inner voice what it says because your soul knows where your happiness lies. A lot of people go against instinct & will suppose somebody wanted to be a singer but is doing 24/7 job which disgust him. Similarly somebody wanted to purse fashion designing but against it she is married & settled with kids. Here I just want to emphassize on doing what you like, at any age no matter after kids. Just do once what you have thought about , You might not be win but the defeat is 100 times better than the regret of not give it a try. Unachieved ambition looms over in the form of unhappiness.

Give Break To Responsibilities

Responsibilities are not gonna pause be it social, family or personal, Usual course of activities bring reluctance and makes happiness dull. To be happy you truly need to indulge with yourself & with the ongoing duties and work pressure allow you no time to sit relax and absorb happiness even though there’s much to take in. Some times little break to monotonous routine is worth it. What if the time of laundry is utilised in something more pleasant how about making your favourite cake and dig in watching long time due Netflix series. Such breaks gives time to joy because that perfect time is not going to be served in the golden plater on your special day. Make time by shuffling agendas reorder them to find quality time for yourself.

Learn to be Happy

Some people are happy with nothing whereas some are unhappy with everything , This clearly shows discontent. Once you stop being grateful to things you have they seems no special to you. Don’t appreciate you don’t get appreciation in return. If you got bread , clothes and shelter you are blessed because many of us lacks that too. Every day is a fresh start for great things things that make you content & elated. Fussing over little matters put mind over negative thoughts. Our thoughts are reflection to our feelings , So don’t create tense thoughts it’s not gonna help whatever is destined will happen momentarily agitation undermine that precious smile which might give goodness of hundred medicines. If You are going through tough time & that has suppressed your happiness remember nothing is permanent and the wheel of fortune is ongoing if it’s dusk it would be dawn too. Bad time passes unseemly with high spirit and laughter of positivity as you only got this to control other than universe. Being happy is an art once you start adopting the art you master it and eventually that becomes your real self.

Block Ways For Darkenss

Stay away from people who can wither your happiness. This part is really important to ponder. People with negative vibes are able to put you off edges. Its always great to be alone than a crowd of worthless people . They can be any form friends relatives colleagues, They tend to create pessimism for every simple situation. Such people are the biggest reason of some part of unhappiness in our life. Block all the doors of negativity when your inner-self is being cleansed. Join enthusiasts , high spirit people not just gossip of who is who. When the core of us is sorted and incoming impurities are blocked chances are less for breakdown.

Share The Goodness

They say what we give will eventually come back to us. This is Universal Law , if happiness is not imparted it will not redirect to you. Be the reason of someone else happiness you never know in what form and quantity it reaches back to you. Encourage people for the efforts make them happy by little gestures. A healthy atmosphere automatically generate good vibes & wherever the positive vibes are hovering everything is blossoming ,Contrary to upset people misdeed them take their curses and get unhappy and unsettled forever.


Thanks for Reading.XOXO

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