Peacock Inspired Eye Make Up

Peacock is my favourite bird I just cant stop admiring those exquisite feathers. I love the colour scheme specially the pattern. Today I have created another eye look taking inspiration from peacock feathers and the end result was great. With the addition of some of my colours it is perfect bright peacock eye make up look which is not confined to any occasion. In this look eyes are darker but there is hint of brightness shimmer as well. To have it as day and night wear I tried to keep the rest of the tone bit down like I have not applied darker lipstick I have not applied too much of blush & especially brows are super natural just little shape and no as such dense filling. Brown & lighter brows are good to go with such dark eye looks but avoid using black brow cake as its not gonna look sober and might make you look really horrible as eyes are already much darker . Women with black brows just trim and shape without much doing.

There is really funny story behind creating this look actually was in the middle of my siesta I woke up and started putting up the peacock colour effect on my eyes. It was really not a planned creation it just came up and I poured it over. I must confess that I was so absorbed doing eyes that I have not done any face make up its just eyes & lips which I did precisely and captured. There is no full face make up details but I am definitely gonna mention what colours I used . There is no new eye palette its the same Make Up Revolution Creative Volume which I detailed good enough as have used the same palette for most of the eye looks now , since only this palette has brightest colours of all the palettes I have. I still am struggling getting new make up as there is no resumed delivery due to red zone category only essentials for the time being. I am pretty excited to unpack new skin care which is waiting to be unboxed for couple of days . There is great stuff and best brands I will surely be posting in my next. The eye make up details gonna be précised from now on until I am displaying new eye palette or make up stuff .

Lets begin with the eyes , There are total five shades I have put on my lids they are blue , violet, lime yellow, bright pink , shimmer pink and silver. There is light kohl also been filled just to enhance the eyes as it needed a definition . The very first shade which I put on the crease & transition area is blue since blue shade is generally not deeply pigmented & you have to reapply I idid the same to acquire that uniform blue texture and blend well. In the inner corner eyes till tear duct I put on lime yellow shade and worked with coats. In the first I apply that brush of yellow I sweep all over the blue just to settle the blueness and at this stage the blue is little down with beautiful bluish green colour I am gonna dark the blue on the crease line to accentuate & redo the touch up where ever dark needs dark & vice versa. I darkened the outer corners and transition area again with blue and next used bright pink all over lash line in a visibly thick line. The last shade is going to be the violet which is to be on the outer corners in the < shape and keep it dark and not spread much to inwards just apply as a hint of violet. Lower lid has to be of three colours inner corner area is yellow middle pink and outer blue so this is done almost . Now I added a line of silver then pink shimmer on lower lash line and same in the tear duct to add little spark. With the coat of mascara and glossy pink lip paint this look is done. You can always go bold lip as per choice but I suggest the lighter the lips the more focus will stay on eyes.

I completed the look by wearing golden hoops , These are super chic light and work both as traditional cum modern. This was Shein purchase and I loved the quality and style. The price was between 2$ – 4$. I accessorised head with sea green colour turban which is actually a stole and any colourful stole can be wrapped around head as turban for that matter. I would like to mention that the look in actual is darker and subtle than the pics down. There is no filter applied. The lipstick I matched with is from Loreal Paris Lip Paint . Its super glossy moisturising lip colour though not standard liquid lipstick with smudge free formula. It comes with soft applicator and packaging also portable it has tube opening with 8 ml of quantity. The shade is glossy peach with thicker formula. The only draw back with extreme glossy lipsticks is that they smudge sometimes with swaying hair & stain clothes with little carelessness.Price 799/- ( 10$) approx.

Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO


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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Love this look . The pink liner is a really nice touch💕

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    1. bebeautifuls says:

      thanks for appreciation

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Unplanned creations are so often the best ones! Congratulations on catching that wonderful creative wave and making this stunning look!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Thanks a lot for your attention it means a lot

      Liked by 1 person

    1. bebeautifuls says:

      thank you so much dear


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