Some Beauty Misconceptions & Facts

Hey you lovely people ! Welcome back to my blog if you have been connected with me for a while sending love and gratitude , Big hello & welcome to new visitors. My todays post is about some of the most common beauty facts and related myths . There are actually many , More likely we keep on following half knowledge & that certainly give half results. It happens with everyone & even occurred to me a lot of times. Its important to update our knowledge to get maximum benefits out of implements. So let’s know some of them & see whether we are on right way following them. This is a sort of Q & A post resolving common doubts I have come up with as of now, In future will surely be updating more such information which might be helpful.

Is foundation with SPF is good enough to skip sunscreen

It really does’t matter whether you have SPF foundation or not it can surely not cover up the benefits of facial sunscreen. Basically foundation has minimum SPF more likely 10-20 which is very less for protecting skin from harmful UV+ UVB rays . Moreover the benefits of a sunscreen can not be replaced by SPF foundation. To have maximum sun hield with that of sunscreen you might have to apply 5 times of foundation to work as sunscreen. So its advisable to apply good amount of sunscreen before foundation. It is also believed with SPF foundation that it leaves white cast on face compare to non SPF foundation which reflects badly on pictures.

Is serum and moisturisers have the same action on skin

Moisturisers are the creams which help to hydrate skin . They quench skin thirst by deep nourishment. A well moisturised skin is problem free skin and stays young for longer time. Serums are concentrated liquid which are made for particular skin problems not all the serums are same as they have different action on skin. They address specific skin problem like for wrinkles and collagen there is separate serum. Similarly if dry & dull skin is your concern go for moisturising serum & brightening serum respectively. For instance for wrinkle treatment the skin care products like cleanser toner serum & moisturiser has to be same action products to double the benefits.

Can Open pores be closed

Yes regular cleansing and weekly exfoliation can help shrink the open pores .Open pores are the result of dead skin cells and clogged sebum which keeps accumulating and breed bacterias cause inflammation too. Always wash face with warm water followed by cold water this process also helps with closed pores to a great extent.

Is chemical peeling different from scrubbing

Chemical peeling helps removing skin top layer exposing clear skin underneath chemical peeling helps lighten scars freckles and pigmentation. it is advanced scrubbing with great results. However Don’t over use skin peeling products as it may age you fast by getting wrinkles and more pigmentation. The skin underneath is sensitive & direct sun rays bring enough harm to it. Dont go in the sun for couple of hours after chemical peeling is done 7 apply sunscreen for maximum protection.

Repeated face touching cause acne

We tend to touch our face with the fingers many times in a day average 20 times. This cause finger bacteria to transfer to the face causing pimples acne and even infections. Stop toughing face frequently also change pillow covers often for having clean surface for face to rest on. Besides clean mobile phones thoroughly once in a week with wet wipes to make them gems free. Mobile phones are susceptible to cause acne as the screen have direct contact with skin.

Is White spots on skin alarming

White spots or sun spots are tiny irregular shape patches they may appear any where on the skin. This discolouration might be some skin infection, allergy , or even fungal infection. Not necessary they itch but sometimes minor sensation feels it may gradually be increase in size if not addressed on time. Dont ignore if you notice white spots , with proper treatment it can possibly be back to normal.

Thank You So Much For Reading . XOXO


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