Unboxing Beauty Haul { Skin Care}

Hello loves, I am pretty excited to unbox long due skin products. It is my first beauty haul after lockdown & its great to say that finally, I am back to beauty shopping without any constraints. I do not yet use the products I am going to share except one moisturizer, The final updates of the product’s efficacy are going to take time at least 20 days so that I m not good enough to make an opinion about that. However, the first impression and overview sharing won’t hurt. This post is surely going to help you build an idea if you are thinking of laying your hands on the same products. The Brands are LOCCITANE, CLARINS, INNISFREE, KIEHL’S. So let’s jump into the post to know what are those products & related stuff.

The very first two products are cleansers, I am very particular about cleansers & cant just settle on any, The cleansers are from Innisfree and its one of my favourite Korean skin care brand. I got Green Tea Foam Cleanser & Jeju Pomegranate Revitalising Foam Cleanser this time, Green tea range is reviewed earlier by me since that was sample size and I was pretty impressed with Green tea range so got bigger one of it for regular use. I have also tried Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore cleanser and have great feedback about it. The cleansing properties are remarkable this is why it would definitely help cleansing acne prone skin. Acne occurs because of dead debris clogging pores & I strongly believe unclogged pores keeps skin acne free so always check for how particular cleanser cleanse. Is it good enough for skin concerns. Talking about Green Tea range, is super mild on skin hence any skin type can begin with it . The packaging is mint green colour with click clack opening inside is white creamy cleanser with adequate foaming properties . Fragrance is refreshing smells like some wood scent which I am not sure of what wood. Moving onto the quantity its huge to cover up months at least good three months. It is packed with the goodness of Jeju Green Tea extracts which deep cleanse skin by sucking impurities out. It takes pea size quantity to lather up which is why it goes a long way. The best thing about this cleanser is that after rinsing face you wont feel dryness but clear bright face with unfamiliar moisture.( Quality 150 ml) for 700INR (9$).

Another Innisfree Cleanser with the name Jeju Pomegranate Revitalising Foam cleanser, The tube packaging reflects same colour as pomegranate which is deep red. It has best ingredients for skin as freshly squeezed Jeju pomegranate along with Pomegranate seed oil. It has the same quantity ( 150 ML) for little higher price 900 INR (12$ ) Rest of the things are same as above like same colour & consistency of cleanser except fragrance which is more of flowery . The cleansing action of this one is also impressive keeps skin dirt & oil free.Pomegranate is believed to be best ingredient for anti ageing which helps keeping wrinkles away. The combination of these two can be best for regular cleansing .The rich foam one side is hydrating and other side its full of antioxidants revitalise skin in a more brighter way. There is Punica Granatum flower & fruit extracts. It also contain silica which is good for correcting unhealthy skin.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed cream is my another buy and its a great moisturiser from green tea range. The thicker but absorbing formula provides deep hydration without clogging pores. It smells exactly like green tea which makes the application more refreshing. Right after application skin looks juicy and minutes later its all crumbles into the skin. The green tub denotes green tea goodness. I have been using it for a while ( as I started with sample and this one is another pack in bigger size )I must say it behaves well with skin without any eruptions or reaction. Semi thick consistency make it good summer pick However people with extremely oily skin can use it as night cream and wake up with soft glowing skin. The quantity is 5o ml & trade for 1800 INR (). In Case you need more details of entire green tea range check out this ……..

Kiehl’s is my top favourite skin care brand & I must admit the brand delivers what it claims. I have been using Kiehl’s products for good 2 years now and every time some new skin product is out and I desperately wait for it. The product I am talking about is Kiehl’s ultra facial cream which is a regular moisturiser with amazing results. I have started using for 10 days & I must say its best of moisturisers I have come across so far. The formula is semi thicker so perfect for all weather ,provides 24 hour nourishment. Skin feels so hydrated inside that it begin to look even in just two days of application. It is suitable for all skin types & gives no breakout kind of thing. I got 28 ml size for now just to give it a try but surely I am gonna repurchase with bigger tub. There is no fragrance & even its there I cant figure it out . Fast absorbing cream with the goodness of glacial glycoprotein. If you are looking for quality moisturiser this is it. Price 1650/- ( 21$) approx. & 50 ml for 2550/-(30$).So this is all for today in my next I will be unboxing rest of skin care products . Hope you like the products see you in my next.



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