Clarins L’occitane Skin Care Haul

Hello Loves, Welcome back to my blog today I am going to unbox beauty haul part 2 which involves some great skincare products. I am the first time trying out these products from my favorite brands with strong intuition; that it’s going to be my best purchase. I have been using Clarins skincare for long enough & L’Occitane is my other desirable brand. Well, I m second time opting L’OCCITANE for a change. Whenever I am about to finish my skincare products, I purchase those brands or products I am willing to have though Many times, certain products fail to impress & get no chance again. Oodles of creams lotions have had my money wasted too as they had not quite surpassed my exceptions. It happens with everyone, I guess. That is why I have become more selective in choosing brands & their products. Moving on to the review, I have got CLARINS Hydra Essential Serum L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE Reine Blanche Cream White Infusion CLARINS Extra-Firming Nuit Night Cream again L’OCCITANE Creme Perfectrice to review. So let us dive into the post to know how I feel about the products what is their particular action on the skin with the trade details.

Clarins Hydra Essential Bi Serum is an intense moisture quenching serum, which is the perfect treatment for dehydrated skin; it supplies adequate moisture to the thirsty skin turning it plump with noticeable radiance. The serum also tightens saggy, wrinkled skin. I am always seeking ways to deep quench my skin, so this one seemed to match my requirements. In the past, i have used other lipid serums from Clarins & that was quite a great selection. So this time, I thought to have moisture serum as there are no other concerns at this moment. A is well-moisturized skin combats with a lot of signs of aging already diminish. The best part about this serum is that it has skin nourishing plant & fruit extracts. The bottle is thick glass with blue color. There is water consistency light blue serum inside, which is fast-absorbing I tried a little amount on my backhand, and it disappears instantly, which is suitable for the fact leaves skin shine-free.

There are ingredients like citrus acid, ascorbic acid, tocopherol Black currant bud extract, potassium sorbet also present in the serum. These are undoubtedly great ingredients for nourished skin. It comes with a dispenser opening containing 30 ml liquid serum; one thing which I feel is that it’s not going to last longer because of the liquid product as it may need a little extra as there is no sticky consistency just water. Price is on the higher side and, of course, which you can’t think of less when its Clarins. It trades for 4000 INR/- ( 58$). As I opened the packaging today, I m going to update reviews post usage. Instructions are simple to use; just the second step of skincare means after toner followed by a moisturizer. Non-comedogenic is another excellent point for acne-prone skin. It is made in France.

L’OCCITANE REINE BLANCHE is another regular moisturizer with undoubtedly not lesser properties of glowing skin. It is a little extra than moisturizer; it targets skin whitening evens out rough skin by providing maximum hydration to the dried surface. Packed with the goodness of Meadowsweet flower extracts, which is a bright white flower and the petals keep changing color over time from pale yellow to translucent white, which is what it is supposed to do to our skin like changing it from pale to white. I love plants derived skin products, and this a little different from having The queen of the Meadows extract I felt forced to buy after reading the ingredients and wish to have the best of the benefits for my skin.

The action is on derma & visibly whitens with improved luminosity. Problematic skin with acne scars or other age spots better cured with this cream. I love the packaging of L’OCCITANE products it looks so luxurious. A white color 50 ml jar with silver lid makes it no less impressive, flowery fragrance without overpowering aroma has another attraction. The cream is semi consistency but appropriate for deep hydration. I cant bet upon other claims as I have just unboxed it, so it will take few days to update how it worked on other features. Dermatologist tested. Made in France. Price 4590/- ( 60$)

Next in the queue is again Clarins extra firming suit age control night cream. It claims to control wrinkles and provide deep hydration to dry skin. This cream is made for dry skin people I still bought it expecting more hydration. Its a treatment cream for aging, and women after 30 can begin with something like this. It has attracting ingredients like Kangaroo Flower extracts, which fight blackening and plump skin, reinforcing youthfulness. It also has extracts of Silica of moonstone for skin that makes it more younger-looking the next morning. The thicker creamy formula, no wonder, is going to keep hydration on point. Mitracarpus extracts help improve elasticity and control wrinkles, whereas dessert date extracts enhance the complexion. Packed in a sturdy glass tub keeps the goodness sealed for a longer time.So these features look promising, and I am looking forward to using it. The price is 5900/- for 50 ml.( 80$)

Another product from L’OCCITANE is CREME PERFECTRICE; though I regret removing the outer package of this one earlier but not yet used it due to the coronavirus, most of the outer boxes are ruptured right after getting on the doorstep this probably makes stuff germs free to a great extent, so I do that. Moving on, the glass jar is a good pink sumptuous effect. This title of the cream says Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream, and it’s a deep moisturizer with the goodness of peony extracts combined with divine, sublime complex. It claims to deliver subtle glow, intense hydration in all circumstances. The consistency is perfect to well absorb in the skin-boosting radiance in a couple of days. Another value of this moisturizer is that it is suitable as a makeup base because of its velvety finish, which is suitable for serving both the purpose of a base & cream. 50ml quantity 24 hours moisturization with flowery fragrance makes it worth—price 3490/-( 45$). I am quite excited to try out all the creams and update you about the benefits hope you liked the products as much as I did. I hope it satiated your first-hand queries.


Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

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