Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour Everyday Shades

Bobbi Brown is my favorite beauty brand, and it’s been stable in the position for a considerable time. The foundation is so good can’t stop raving about it, and the enriched face base is second to none. All the products are worth of invested money Formula is mild so gentle on skin. Being a lipstick lover, how could I have skipped lipsticks from the brand. I first bought a shade that was pure nude, and I was so impressed with the color quality and the moisture it laid on lips for the whole day without flakes that without blinking, I bought five lipstick shades in one go. All shades of lipstick are perfect for everyday wear. It’s just not confined to vanity, also with regular use at least they finish, and there is no guilt either of being unused. The shades I am talking about are nude shades & my all-time favorite. They are soft neutral & go with any skin tone beautifully. I got three shades from Crushed Lip Colour collection & rest two are Crushed Liquid Colour, so these five shades are deserving and suitable for office college cocktail evenings and even everyday outings. There is another plus point of nude shades that you escape of constant touch upon the contrary with bold shades; it needs a periodic touch-up or fixing, or the entire look is disheveled. The very first shade is Bare, which is pure nude, and it’s so beautiful the shade goes well with fair and dark skin tones. The case looks so sturdy, and it’s away from the luxurious effect, but style quotient is no less. The containers have designed the way that the shade is identified from the outside. So needless to see the bottom for shade. The soft flowery scent is welcoming, and the formula is amazingly hydrating. It feels right after application that lips are not drying & uncomfortable with matt effect. It is matt formula obviously with unfamiliar moisture dose, which is there due to the presence of vitamin E& C. One stroke application as its intensely pigmented.

  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate free
  • Sulphate free
  • Gluten free
  • Loaded with the crushed pigments , Balmy effect on lips
  • Feather or fade free
  • Kissable proof
  • PRICE 1800/ INR (24$) approx – Quantity3.4 g

The next shade is Lilac and its light nude pink, which is an intense shade. It’s not too bright to be visible or too dark, just beautiful shade for all skin tones. All the crushed lipsticks have beeswax, which makes it transfer-proof. It glides smoothly on lips, and in only two coats, the color pays off. I am NC 25, and it looks more of medium pink on me. Bitten is a shade darker than Lilac, and its brighter of pink. The tone refers to the pink, which we get on bite marks; hence it says bitten. For more intense color, go for more coats as a single coat gives a blotted-down look. Lilac and Bitten look almost similar shade on my lips; there might be variation but hardly noticeable.

So these three were crushed lip color, and now in the sequence, two are broken liquid color. I have two shades at this moment one is a juicy date, and the other is Give A Fig. Both of the shades nude pink. The formula is formulated, keeping in mind the hydration and gloss altogether. It’s more of glossy thick liquid lipstick; there is no transfer-proof its regular gloss one. The packaging is beautiful with a sleek container; it comes in a quantity of 6ml. The formula is hydrating obviously and well applied on lips. I liked both of the shades juicy. The date is purely bare. Just a little gloss effect go for it if you want bare lips with gloss. But it looks beautiful perfect to team up with dark smokey eyes. Other side Give A Fig is more of a pink shimmer. Again its nude pink and formula is thicker

Other Feautres

  • Make lips plump with added Sheen.
  • Created with a super fruit blend featuring cranberry blueberry & rasp berry
  • Emollient rich
  • Full coverage & nourishing formula .
  • Price 1800 INR (24$) approx

Thank You So Much For Reading. XO


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  1. I love the shades bare and give a fig

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    1. bebeautifuls says:

      both are gorgeous! u got taste šŸ™‚


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