Is Your Skin Fasting Today

Are you so dependant on beauty products that the thought of leaving skin bare for a minute makes you apprehensive. If you relate to this somewhere you are unknowingly spoiling skin. Our skin has natural oils and PH balancing system that automatically deal with minor skin issues itself. Normally such problems like dryness, normal breakouts rash get fine overnight without even asking for ointment. Our skin already has that protective system that starts working on alarming situations. As a child I have a vivid memory of not using any face cream for days and who applies regular moisturizer on the face as a child, However, the skin was unaffected of dryness for days. Actually, the significance of skin fasting is relatable to this. Skincare is truly the best thing to do, for best skin but our skin needs break from daily serums moisturizers & other anti-aging products. It needs time to recover on its own to have natural system work to deal with day to day problems. Skin fasting is to abstain from skincare for a day or more precisely a day without any skin routine.

Chuck-off moisturizer serums and other beauty products for a day let skin renew itself give it time to build strong immunity that naturally fights with skin problems. When we depend so much on skin treatments in the form of creams ointments somewhere the natural skin system gets weakened due to excessive dependency on external treatments. Skin problems are self curable if nothing major, I have seen a lot of women who do not do anything specific & hardly follow any routine, However, they have the best skin effortlessly compare to people who religiously follow a routine. This explains they are dependent on the internal system and that works sooner or later but works. Gradually such skin has a stronger barrier and is less prone to problems. A lot of skin problems are side effects of an excessive slap of cosmetics. I know I have the best moisturizer and someone can vouch for their skincare but there are always some ingredients in beauty products that may trigger further skin problems like you never know if that white spot on your face is the end product of some of the treatment been applied on for a longer time. A patch of red rash can be the reaction to one of the serum but we ignore & look for ways to cure it. It may also happen that even a simple break out doesn’t heal on its own and need medicated creams for the simplest of reasons! With the weaker system skin cant fight and rely on such creams. I only imply here that its good to leave skin free from needed treatments. That break is good for healthier skin. One day skin of moisturizer may make skin bit of dry but after another hour’s skin is naturally moisturized and dryness it has gone as the natural lipids compensate it. It does not mean to suspend beauty routine but necessary breaks are good in all perspectives. Choose a day in a week for skin fasting and enjoy the natural glow.

Thank you so much for reading. XO


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