Are You Making These Beauty Mistakes

We, women, crave for problem-free skin! We adopt hundreds of remedies & thousands of tips just to have beautiful skin & in the process sometimes we ignore little things that play an important role on the whole. Such mistakes initially don’t realize until they appear with some bigger skin problem. Every skin disease is the side effect of some of the ingredients, deficiency, or poor hygiene. Most of the problems are solved with deep clean skin. With a hectic life schedule sometimes it gets hard to keep pace with perfect skin routine, However, if basics are done properly a lot of regular problems might be addressed in the right way. So let’s dive into the rest of the post to know what are those Beauty mistakes we should refrain from repeating.

Bed time With Makeup On

The habit to go to bed without removing makeup might put you in serious skin problems. Makeup is supposed to be off your face once you prepare for bedtime. It really doesn’t matter how much you applied in the morning, but your skin needs to be unclogged and cleaned for renewal in the following night. Make sure the face is double cleansed and not a single particle of makeup is left. A lot of us leave kohl in the eyes thinking it won’t do anything wrong but again that also contains some sort of ingredients that may cause eye allergy so that has to be removed until it is natural & have beneficial ingredients. Use fresh cotton pad without any cleansing product & swipe across to get rid of kohl & do put drops of rose water or refreshing teardrops. Remnants of Makeup can completely block pores produce acnes pruritus dryness etc.

Skipped Face Cleansing

As the skin renews best at night it’s important to have properly cleansed skin no matter how hectic your day has been. Ideally face should be cleaned at least twice in a day to have least breakouts and open pores. A mild cleanser that deep cleanses impurities and sebum is perfect for the cause! Not all the face wash are great, and deep cleanse so check particularly for deep cleansing products. Double cleansing is also very good for problem-free skin wherein firstly makeup is removed with cleansing oil or cream then rinse with an exfoliating cleanser. The Face Shop has great double cleansing products also mild on the skin. Excessive washing of face is not good though as it destroys natural skin oils and Ph balance.

No Moisturiser

Bedtime moisturizer on a cleansed face is the secret of soft supple glowing skin the next morning! Besides dehydrated skin may do no wonders it seems dull dry and lifeless. A Lot of us don’t follow bedtime moisturizer routine which is completely wrong . Choose suitable moisturizer if you are extremely dry or oily skin but put something on the face to avoid early signs of aging. Gel-based moisturizers are light and absorbing & worth for oily skin people. Summer moisturizers should always be light but deep-penetrating so that gives 24-hour hydration. Our skin needs equal hydration quantity be it winter or summer! Its just sweat and humid of summer that doesn’t allow to wear thicker moisturizer so night time is perfect for that.

Disturbed Bed time

Research says the better your sleep the wonderful your skin is. 8 hours of sleep is required for healthy skin and a peaceful mind. Disturbed sleep and erratic bedtime affect our skin at large. Less sleep make face blotchy swelled and puffy on the other side Ideal sleep impacts the texture of the skin too because then it would be more resilient calm and clean. Late-night awakenings make skin dry as the skin needs the right amount of time to finish the renewal process which happens at night. In between distraction also disturb sleep, avoid using cellphones and laptops at bedtime keep them aways at least so you cant reach them.

Thank You So Much For Reading.XOXO


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