How To Choose Skin Friendly Foundation

The right kind of foundation is very important for a perfect skin base! Foundation makes the canvas of our skin smooth & flawless for makeup. The right kind of foundation meets the purpose whereas the wrong foundation embarrasses. There are thousands of foundations in the beauty stores and its a challenge to find the perfect one. The purpose of the foundation is not just skin whitening as a lot of us consider foundation a means to get two tones lighter skin and get into wrong purchases. It’s all about enhancing actual skin tone by covering up imperfections in the natural way which is not seen as masked skin. Not necessarily the right foundation has to be an expensive one, it’s just all about matching your skin needs. In the post, I mentioned ways to choose the right kind of Foundation which is gentle on skin & give fewer breakouts.


Foundation comes in different coverage, full coverage medium to buildable coverage & light coverage. Until there is major skin issue one needs not to go for a full coverage foundation. The full coverage foundation is relatively thicker and lays quite a heavy layer on the skin which is not necessary for every day. The everyday foundation should be light and dewy for the natural look, also full coverage foundation is not suitable in spring season wherever these months are hotter. Excess of sweat can easily melt foundation which is not impressive. In spring season dewy matt foundation is good for perfect coverage. It looks skin like also matt effect keep oil & shines away. Serum foundation is another great choice for naturally glowing skin! It comes with the goodness of serum which moisturizes & nourishes while covering up skin imperfections. That option is good for extremely dry skin & winter season. Normal skin has no constraints though. The effect of serum foundation is more natural and skin-like! It provides buildable coverage & natural glow without much base cream

Skin Type

While purchasing foundation knowledge of skin texture is important! It goes different on different skin. Any random foundation may not be meeting your skin expectations, That can give breakouts, imperfect coverage and even turn dry skin drier. If your skin is extremely oily, normal skin products might not work on you, and if its normal oily skin products may not work well. The foundation selection for oily skin should be matt, waterproof, and dewy finish besides do check if its noncomedogenic which results in unclogged pores and fewer breakouts. Normal skin can go for any foundation with a light consistency and buildable coverage. Dry skin people got to see the kind of foundation which has the extra moisturizing benefit or some serum foundation and certainly avoid matt formula. Matt formula dries plus visible cracks are seen which is not good looking. Acne-prone skin has a different scenario a foundation with light formula matt and noncomedogenic that gives fewer breakouts. SPF foundation has the additional value of protecting skin from sun rays but its not a substitute for sunscreen. Similarly, with the different seasons, the skin keeps changing like in winter moisturizing foundation is better than matt. On the other side, spring makes matt formula more likable than hydrating one.

Check Label

Always check the bottom label for additional info like if its dermatologist, ophthalmologist tested. Dermatologist tested products are mostly gentle on the skin as they contain skin-friendly ingredients. As the foundation is supposed to use on eyes and area around its important to look for if it is ophthalmologist tested so that not cause eye allergy to sensitive eyes. The date of manufacturing and date of expiry is another important label to check for as a lot of times people end up buying expiry or close to expiry products which is the waste of time and money. After the expiration date product gets harmful for skin it should be discarded immediately. A particular ingredient that causes allergy to you can also be checked on the label. Try not to buy parabens phthalate & cruelty-free foundation for better skin. Salicylic acid is a great ingredient for acne-prone inflamed skin. Store foundation away from sunlight as it oxides easily.


The right selection of shade is as much as important as ingredients in the foundation. A wrong shade makes skin tone imbalanced secondly the money gets wasted. You cant think of going two shades lighter or two shades darker than actual skin tone. Take time to scan the right shade the one which disappears uniformly into the skin without leaving traces. That is the quality of a good foundation. Always choose a shade in the natural sunlight as artificial light in the beauty store impact the shade visibility. Ask beauty experts about cool warm neutral tone if unsure about the one. Always test shade on the cheek or forehead. The neck may be lighter or darker than face so that’s is not the correct option. Never buy in hurry go for sample shade cards first from shortlisted brands to try on then invest in suitable one for skin.

Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO


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