Electric Eye Make Up ( Review Tammi X Revolution)

Makeup Revolution is one of my favorite brands, especially for eye palettes. This Brand provides quality for the price. I recently purchased Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Shadow Palette to have some bold & vibrant shades as most of my palettes are nude & regular shades. I have created this neon eye look using the same palette. In this post, I am gonna chat about how I achieved this neon eye look also a detailed review of the eyeshadow palette. This is not a regular eye make up look it’s bizarre but it’s beautiful for a change. When nudes & pinks got overwhelming something different like this can be tried. Like I said earlier this palette containing all the warm and bright shades I used the very first shade Calypso which is neon shimmer green. I began with this shades on all over my upper and lower lids, I would like to mention that the quality of the cake is moderate, It takes times to build actual color, unlike previous revolution palettes. I struggled to build up the neon base on my lids that it was not smooth! It appeared chalky with unfamiliar moisture due to that the product stick on fingers and doesn’t transfer on eyes. The next shade I opted for is Green which is leaf green and applies on crease area & blend. I doubled the coat using the shade of green named Saint Catherine on margins. I put the inner eye corners bright neon and dark green shades ( name mentioned above) on the crease and transition area. For more bold eyes I outlined them with neon blue eye pencil from LA Girl. LA girl has a good collection of color pop eye pencils that can be used as kohl and eyeliner. A hint of kohl in the water line to define & enhance & conclude with using coats of mascara. So it’s done it’s super easy and can be worked with different color pencils of your choice. I f you are not a neon person go for black eyeliner in place of blue.

Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival Shadow Palette Review

The palette is a little bigger than hand size consisting of 18 intense & vibrant eye shades. There are neon purple-brown deep pink neon pink-red light orange green variants and violet variants black etc. All the shades have given fancy names to recognize. The material of the case is sturdy & portable. The outer cover print is the splash of bright colors with golden detailing which is attractive! A mirror is also attached for convenient application on the go. Everything is good except for the quality of the shimmer cakes. I won’t say waste but hard to work with. I am not convinced that it can be a revolutionary product. The cake material seems to be cheap that is why blending is coarse. Since I am the first time having such a bright color palette that I cant come to think if it’s only because of bright colors, Or all the bright palettes have the same issue. Some shades are lightly metallic-like first row shades but there is nothing metallic sort of, Rest of the shades are normal cakes and still better but again it’s not best in quality like I earlier had. Such kind of electric hued palettes are used seldom so it’s not worth to have plenty of shades, Better have single shade shadow. I am not sure how much of it gonna be used. It’s my biggest disappointment of all. Best eye shadow is that melts effortlessly into the skin and when too much amount of product needs to build a color also challenge to make it look flawless is not a good one. There are other features also to look at!

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Product
  • This eyeshadow palette is inspired by Caribbean Carnival.
  • 18 striking matt & shimmer shades.
  • Price 1950/- ( 28$) approx

Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO


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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    The lime and bright blue are a great combo . Love this look . I really need to try the LA girl liners .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bebeautifuls says:

      Try that it has all the neons . Thanks for your attention.

      Liked by 1 person

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