How To Get Rid of split ends

Split ends are the sign of damaged hair! It is the most common problem among women ! Not all women have split ends though. Split ends hinder hair growth & quite visible in some hairstyles. When the margins of hair get split hair becomes lifeless on the edges that can be known as split ends. Hair quality also impacts split ends! Thin unnourished hair gets easily damaged in the absence of proper care, the damage might be in any form & split end is one of them. There are certain conditions responsible for long lustrous hair, unhealthy hair reflects poor nutrition and eventually begin to show signs considered as damage hair. Balanced nutrition is all required for lustrous hair, body deficiency directly impacts hair and nails first, as both of them need the ideal amount of protein. There are ways that can help reducing split ends with the following tips and proper hair care regimen eventually this problem can completely be gone. Let’s jump into the post to know those preventive tips for split and damaged hair.


The ingredients of shampoo decide a lot about hair quality, If the shampoo has harmful chemicals it directly impacts hair texture! It doesn’t happen overnight though, long exposure of hair to such chemical-based shampoo might end up making them flat thin & sometimes hair breakage as well. Excessive washing of hair brittle hair cuticle causes split ends. Choose a shampoo with herbal contents and avoid buying parabens shampoo. Parabens and sulfates are kind of chemicals majorly used in soap and shampoos. Sulfates are cleansing agents but not hair friendly. They are harsh and damage hair in many ways. The shampoo with more percentage of sulfates turns hair rough and frizzy. They draw moisture out of the hair making them split on the margins. Protein shampoo is the best buy for healthy hair, it makes them stronger and less prone to damage.


Apparently, hair with no moisture gets dead and become split on the edges. Moisture in hair is very important to give them life! Without moisture, even skin becomes dead and hair lifeless. A lot of hair practices destroy hair moisture! Water temperature is one of them a lot of people wash hair with warm water disrupt hair moisture and invite split ends. To restore hair moisture, wash them with cold water possibly, and use moisturizing conditioner on the strands. Hot water is very harmful to hair shine as well. Water hardness affects hair quality to a great extent such water causes comparatively much falling of hair than normal water. Check water TDS from time to time to ensure safe washing.


Just like body hair needs ample nutrients to fight with the pollution and harsh activities of day to day life. Protein deficiency and improper care begin to appear in the form of split ends. Initially, it starts with few strands then ascends upwards. Regular oiling gives a lot of hair benefits if the oil is right. Never skip oiling the ends, as a lot of us ignores ends and just scalp massage, just as scalp oiling is necessary for healthy hair, margin oiling is important for maintaining healthy strands. It is advisable to massage head before washing to get soft manageable hair. Hair supplements like biotin, calcium are another option for great growth.


Periodic hair trimming is necessary to avoid split ends ! it helps to remove dead ends in time and prevent them multiply. One inch of hair is supposed to get cut off every month. Hair with regular trimming gets less split ends with that of no trimming in months. If salon visit is struggle do it at home, There is no harm chopping an inch yourself.


Excessive hair treatments and styling is the main reason for split hair. It doesn’t realize but deep down it damages a lot. Hair coloring causes the most of hair fall as the chemical disrupts keratin. Hairstyling tools force hair to heat up sometimes that heat is too much for hair to bear and it results in hair damage. If you go for hair dying make sure to ensure post-care, let not hair become dry and moisture-deprived. Avoid too much of heating tools, instead, go for non-heating ways for curling. Heat is not good for hair health be it warm water, tools, or even blow-dry. Do it when it’s unavoidable! Ensure a healthy diet, routine for gorgeous hair.

Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

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