Is Social Media Controlling Your Life

In recent years social media has emerged as a medium of information and inspiration! Be it sharing life events establishing connection display of talent or influencing mass with particular skills, social media has changed our lives. It is full of innovative ideas, it’s knowledgeable & inspiring. But few things don’t seem right to me about social media, that there is blind follow and imitation. It’s not bad to get assistive ideas from your favorite beauty fashion or travel blogger but Is it right to be dependant on their opinion for every little cause? Are we making our personalities choices under the influence of other people? I also follow a lot of influencers for the stuff they put up but I don’t follow the idea of tracking people for reliance. There is an earnest need to have moderate seeking, taking inspiration is something else but blindly duplicating some one’s viewpoint can’t make the best out of you. Beauty tips dressing tips and travel guides we need the opinion of our respective influencer. They seem to occupy a great part in our lives, everything we do now is either inspiration or duplication but somewhere we are relying too much upon. There are a lot of pros of seeking an opinion as it might not meet expectations always. A good friend of mine is so obsessed by influencers that every step of her life is either an askance or copied solution. Whether choosing right skin product or outfit selection she never skips connecting with them. Off and on advice doesn’t harm but better pieces of advice are used to conclude the best output rather than raw absorption. One side where the social platform is helpful in many ways there are some cons associated as well. Let’s dive into the post to know what are those repercussions,

Chance Of Failure

Opinions are made on personal experiences! Things that benefitted me might not work in your problems. For instance, beauty bloggers are suggesting tips promoting products based on self-test. It cant meet your skin issue always. She has not examined you neither has a special diploma for suggesting the best beauty care. The information can help you build your own selection among certain stuff. I wonder when people ask for choice among the best foundation from beauty bloggers or makeup artist why can’t they make their own list and deep research to find a suitable one for them. Are they living on another planet with little information of this world? Cant, they know what product will suit or what shade will blossom up their look. Why do they need to know what shade a particular person is using and what regimen is being adopted by the majority? What moves helped somebody lose fat and what trick was best for somebody to get success. There is always the fear of not trying but depending upon filtered recommendations. This idea somewhere disable you to try your instincts as all you need is readymade suggestions based on someone else experience. There are chances of failure, the foundation shade might be unfair, the formula might react with the skin, travel tips can put you nowhere and health tips may put in other problems. And then comes rejection and blame game. People blame the same people who had been previously their mentors now were dupers.

Not Everything is Worth Following

There is a big chunk of content cascading on social media. Not everything is worth knowing, not every idea can be followed. You can’t seem to work with temporary draping around your body parts wearing nothing stitched. The idea of wearing pajama with a broad belt to cover breasts won’t make you an impressive dresser. They give you ideas and not every idea work. You always have to check with your family background, limitations, and other aspects. Life comes with different priorities and you don’t have to learn to order your life from people who have not even got into. The life which influencers create is not pragmatic always it needs to be alluring for show off. In real life they might not be following the same ideas which you have thought to implement in your life by any means. Take on practices that fit in your box of happiness. You lose originality in the trail of chasing, so limit the amount of inspiration when it’s not so inspirational


Incomplete Wishlist bring discontent, The lifestyle or patterns by great influencers are not meeting with your life that brings comparison and eventually screwed up mind. Everything is in access to social platforms love hatred and exhibition of emotions. You might end up comparing your love life with the couple who never skip posting about how splendid their life is or how grateful they are to have this or that. The regular display of affection of other’s life gives you nothing in return but restless life. Life is bound to give happiness and sorrows to every person just the time and limit might be different, and you don’t get to see insights all the time as people put up stories, not depth. Things you are ungrateful for might be a treasure for the next person. Expensive dress of a friend, foreign trip pictures of a next-door neighbor, latest car by some random person instantly force us to think about our blessings, you cant enjoy it but you cant see the situations a particular person has gone through to get this today.So don’t judge your life based on social media experiences. Look at it as some resource a way to connect with lives & ideas. Have measured content as per need and chuck off extraordinary stuff that doesn’t seem to be fit in ordinary life.

Thank You So Much For Reading. XOXO

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