How To Get Flawless Make Up ( For Beginners)

Makeup is an art & not everyone master it! It takes time & passion to achieve perfection & it’s not an overnight process. When I was a beginner even I struggled with applying a perfect eyeliner, it took me considerable time to get used to holding applicator with a steady hand, it came with persistent efforts, In the beginning, mistakes happen, with practice anyone can be a makeup pro. We all use foundation concealer & eyeliner then why some people get flawless makeup while others don’t. Some look their own skin even in the makeup & some completely different when they apply make up. The reason is, no matter how many products we use, how expensive it is, the way it is applied defines most of the look. You don’t need too much makeup to look beautiful just the required amount in the correct way. So in the post, I am going to elaborate on how to apply makeup to get even and flawless finish.

Prep & Prime

Before jumping onto the makeup straight it is utmost important to have a cleansed and clear skin, dead skin cells cause patches in the base which looks very bad, make sure to have scrubbed off all dead layers. Never apply make up on an unclean face! Once the face is ready apply a chunk of moisturizer to get healthy glowing skin. Moisturiser is a no skipping step, applying makeup on raw skin is the biggest mistake! Such makeup is not smooth and irritates skin. Use a primer for pores in a little amount wherever it’s needed! The primer provides smooth canvass for makeup by filling pores & uneven patches. Invest in moisturizing primer, to take two steps as one step. In the hottest months when skin rejects moisturizer in day time such kind of dual-action primer is a good makeup choice, You can directly apply primer and move on to the step. Allow skin to take in primer well before the next step.


Concealer is needed to cover up black circles or scars, its not mandatory though ! Foundation can be worked as a concealer for little coverage. Concealer ideally should be one shade lighter than foundation. It’s not a rule to have always extra light concealer! Remember with extra light Concealer under eye area stand completely out. It lays white cast after some time which looks unimpressive. A lot of people follow extra light concealer rules irrespective of the true shade. For instance, if I am NC 30 I will use NC 25 for under eyes, not NC 20. The shade should seem to mingle with the skin, start with drops & avoid using too much if not required. Blend quickly and not leave it unattended for a long time as it settles instantly & then hard to spread. Use a bit of the product on the T zone and spread evenly. Dab motion is good for applying concealer don’t sweep across.


This step is very important for the final result! Quick & improper application leaves irregular patches on the face, such foundation crumbles easily. Apply foundation more on cheeks and least on nose and forehead. These are the area which sweats the most accumulation of too much product on these areas appear in the form of white sweat drops which not only look ugly but also reveal the mask directly! Use a wet sponge to blend foundation, such a way is great to absorb foundation uniformly, make sure to squeeze water properly to avoid water stains. Work with the remaining product for the forehead & nose to avoid creases! Take a good time in blending until the face looks evenly smooth. Bake concealed area with setting powder or simply compact powder for matt look.


Exfoliate lips with homemade or ready-made scrub if nothing available go for brown sugar and honey mixture, scrub gently in circular motion wash, and deeply moisturize with lip balm. Don’t just put on lip balm on the surface but deep massage to get it absorbed. Such way lipstick never dries and avoid forming crusts, crusty lips are not good for a smooth texture. The refrain of overdrawing lips as it doesn’t look natural. Draw a thin line all over lips and thick in the midrib just to shape them! Smudge it with fingers and absorb extra color using tissue paper before final lipstick. To make lipstick stay for long hours, use tissue trick post-application too.


Big eyes or small eyes eyeliner go well with both, Nowadays thin eyeliner is not trending so make bold strokes for a more dramatic look also neat & clean eyeliner does a lot to the whole look. This way done up eyes looks sharply bold. Beginners can begin with a basic eye palette comprising of nude shades! They look natural, enhance eyes in the right amount, and combine well with bold eyeliner. Other than special occasions dark eye palettes are less used, so invest in sober and wearable shades. Artificial eyelashes open up eyes and complete eye make up. It adds volume and beauty to the lashes! But who got naturally thicker lashes good coats of mascara can do the job and they only need to have lightest of artificial lashes. Don’t rub brow pencil too hard, It is doing the job even when there is little pigment. Some people end up drawing too dark brows that make them look clownish.


Bronzer gives a healthy glow to the face, applies close to hairline, temples & cheeks! While bronzing cheeks take the strokes to the end, it makes the bronzer look more natural than putting on half cheeks. Rosy or coral shades are also a great choice for gleaming glow. Avoid hard contouring just shape nose with the bronzer sideways. Use upwards motion to blend. No makeup is complete without makeup fix, it helps to tuck make up for long hours also adds extra moisture to the powdery face. Spray product on sponge and take it to the face in dabbing motion, no rubbing just deep and gentle press this way the finish is very natural.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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