Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Each day brings us new opportunities, new ways to perform better than yesterday! With the glistening sun hopes beam on another chance to accomplish unfinished. The way we start our day decides the rest of the day! It directly impacts the mind towards better or worst. The right start of the day not only keeps the body healthy but mind fresh and happy, or else laziness keeps looming over and lethargy takes control of the body. Morning agenda is important to be organized to achieve day goals successfully. Since the rest of the day is hovering around daily chores, wee hours are precious for self-care, little time to fix mental health to introspect before jumping onto to usual errands. This is the time when we can work on things that are needed for self-happiness and self-contentment. People have now become so particular about their morning session with themselves. The mantra is simple ‘ if you are a happy mistress your family will also receive the same energy and that happiness for self you have to figure out. List down the tasks makes you calm and peaceful! It can be anything, even a zero productivity task can stimulate a good mood. So here are some of the healthy ways to start a day for maximum productivity.

Sit In Silence

Early rising is a virtue! It is best for achieving Self’, indulging in ‘Me’ time. Minutes spent in silence give time to activate the brain to start. Try to sit quietly for sometime after waking speaking nothing, no tasks, no thoughts just recollect Self.’ It is only possible to do in the early hours before your day for activities start. Kick start morning tasks straight after bed creates anxiety, that fills the mind with unwanted stress. Before you serve others make sure to serve yourself.

Nursing Plants

Manicure the garden if you got, if not water plants, sit on the soil! Work on new saplings. Touching body with the earth generates positive energy & it feels naturally good. Nursing plants is a brain soothing therapy, spend time touching twigs sniffing beautiful fragrances. Absorb the beauty & appreciate it about another day. This whole process rejuvenates all senses, greenery is a blessing to eyes to soothe. Unwind relaxed in the shelter of nature. The chirping of birds’ stagnant atmosphere, serene breeze, and absorbing it with undivided attention is magical. The idea of arranging fresh flowers in the vase is another thing that can be fulfilling.

Walk On The Dewy Grass

Well, that is wonderful therapy for mind relaxation! Walking on the dewy grass with bare feet is beneficial to eyes in some way, its believed in Ayurveda. It helps to strengthen the immune system also. This is no latest therapy, I have been told about this from my childhood. It is actually good to give some break to footwear even for a few minutes, or otherwise fewer chances of dropping slippers at home. Make sure the grass is cut to the walkable length. The time when baby sun rays are forming and the sun is deep pink, perform this walking activity for a couple of minutes. Walking bare relieves muscle tension and cure stiffness

Tea Time

No start without a cup of tea or coffee. I enjoy my tea in peace, without disturbance. Intermittent sips in between kitchen responsibilities sour the taste of tea & end up with the irritating head. The perfect time to enjoy tea/ coffee is early morning alone or in the company. Such tea is refreshing and boosts energy for a hectic day. Green tea or milk tea that choice is subjective. A lot of people wake up with the coffee only & some have only green tea as their morning tea, there are also milk tea lovers so whatever it is, the purpose is to wake up senses for a great day.

Meditation & Exercise

Little meditation with a couple of warm-up exercises helps with body flexibility. They increase blood circulation increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body and toxins released in the form of sweat. The day without work out is a dull & heavy day, the body feels retarded out of energy & less enthusiastic about the day started. To have a happy mind spend at least 20 minutes of a day on the slog.

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  1. annants says:

    I do add drinking a jar full of water while watching the nature in silence…

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    1. bebeautifuls says:

      That’s not to be skipped for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. annants says:

        Nice article.


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