Power Of Dreaming

We all dream, big or small! Dreams give orientation to the future & hope to the present! Everyone has dreams, dreams about future home promising job handsome earnings some educational degree or dream of any kind. The limit of a dream is hard to measure. It can be the smallest of wish and biggest of want, as there is no rule of having big ones only. Even though petty & irrelevant stuff might be in someone’s dream list. Nobody can snatch the right to dream to set goals! Constant dreaming about something may help you achieve that, It is rightly said when we dream hard about something, the entire universe begins to conspire against the obstacles. Dreaming is just not enough though, to take necessary steps in the following journey in the form of goals. Without setting, goals dreams can’t be fulfilled and then they only remain trash dreams which we forget after a while. Only suitable goals transit dreams into reality with a promising future. They say, ‘Stop Dreaming, they are just dreams but I believe if dreams are alive you are alive or else the life is just mechanical. When we think absorbedly about someone’s chances are somewhere you are also on their mind, intense imaginations further lead to related dreams. We can even send positive vibes through telepathy. It all says how stronger our subconscious mind is, it becomes what we feed in. Dreams surely come true when we trust them, trust the timing & patiently work keep work in the direction. Without substantial efforts dreams are hard to achieve. Dreams sometimes are the indication, a hint of possible outcomes, it should not be ignored to understand the unsaid message. Keep dreaming!


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