Is love calling the second time

They say love has no age! It can knock the door of heart anytime, you just need to listen to the sound carefully. Many times the signals are misleading and end up opening into a wrong path. Not necessary one finds the love in one attempt some times it takes one or more chances, & sometimes it strikes at first sight & sometimes it fails to keep after all attempts. Looking for love the second time is difficult than first as you are more selective this time, appalled with the outcomes & uncertainty of promising future often fills the head with the clouds of doubts. No one can predict the certainty & compatibility of the relationship, even though a well-nestled love life may crash either. It also occurs that despite having a perfect family the heart is flying to another direction what if loves calling out the second time. Is it love or just time being a welcome attraction? How to look at the message of moving on from the relationship. Is the second time happiness is the sure-shot? Before jumping onto the decision little retrospection is needful for guaranteed success. Go through the points if you are moving on with a person or moving on from a person! Both ways one needs to be more confident and stronger to deal with the emotions.

Nobody is perfect
Love is not about imbibing good qualities but accepting bad traits as well. There is no certainty to have the best ones only in the second relationship, it might be a cluster of other annoyance. Fantasies got limit they expired after a period & realty strikes with the clear picture. This picture is not always fancy, there might need other fixtures in that. So if you are ready with the fact to agree with all pros & cons of the new relationship you are probably good to go.

Comparison is unfair
To have a happy relation comparison with past life is quite unhealthy, it can’t let anyone be at peace. Comparison is a negative state of mind with odd angles! Two things or two persons can’t be equal in any terms. Try to not bring the memories good or bad & deliberate comparisons for a better life. Emotions cant have customization on a comfort basis. Incessant comparisons fill up the love life first with doubts than affirmation.

Patch it up

Work on fixing the patches than buying a new cloth, Every relation has problems go through ups and downs & survive with just two honest ungiving up people. Moving on is not the best decision always it comes with a set of other repercussions. We fix things at first when it’s not fixable its worth throwing out and move on with life but more than anything its the responsibility of self-happiness.

Don’t rush
Don’t hurry to get in a relationship sometimes haste makes waste! Not necessary to look for the second partner right after chucking the previous one. Take time to absorb self get settled with the inner chaos & work more to strengthen yourself to deal with life ahead & trust the timings of fate if it is meant to come will surely come over.

Thanks You So Much For Reading. XOXO

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