Curvy Body Closet Tips

Just like one face is different from the other, body also has unique dimensions. One kind of style can’t suit everyone; styling done as per body shape enhances the personality of the person. The styles go well on a slimmer body can not go equally better on an hourglass body. There are always better ways to dress up to make your body look gorgeous and leave positive impression, Its all about keeping your body at best because you love it not because you need validation. These closet tips I am sharing not only help dressing but also camouflage imperfections in an unseen way & make it all perfect.

Choose Dark Colours

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One of the best tips for curvy body is to choose dark color outfits or mono color theme. That is the reason why people often look slim in black outfits and similar dark colors as it break the curves and hide uneven areas. On the contrary light colors expose body on various notes. You must have noticed paunches or fat deposition is more visible in whites or lighter solids. You can wear whole darker attire or if you are pear shaped or wear dark color bottoms to have narrow figure. Bodycon dresses are better with colors like black maroon plum or any dark color, simultaneously prints like floral abstract checkered also help with cover heavy bottoms.

Choose Ruffles Wisely

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Ruffles add extra volume to the body & therefore, the already curvaceous body might look more voluminous in ruffled outfits! Avoid wearing attires that have dramatic ruffles on the waist or hip area. Ruffles are trending statement style & is seen excessively in tops tees dresses & ethnic wear so choose outfits with soft ruffles imperatively on sleeves hem & neck than on the waist, shoulders and yoke to break extra volume to these parts.
Ruffles are not an appropriate style for voluptuous bust though, wear as per your confidence.

Say- No to layering

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Selection of layered outfits is certainly not the best thing on a curvaceous body. It may add extra inches, make it look bulky. Costumes made up of taffeta fabric, or any stiff material that does not adopt the body shape is not an excellent option for such body type. Linning should also be a light material to cling well to the body and not stand out. Fabric like georgette chiffon rayon & satin are body hugging fabrics and make a curvy body look visibly lithe. Layer maximum up-to two layers that too when underneath is well fitted and seamless.

Wear Well Fitted Clothes

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Right fitting is essential to look yourself extra tight or lose attires can look shabby & impact overall personality. It is assumed to wear well-fitted clothes on a curvaceous body and little loose on extra slim people for a better body appearance. How much fit depends on ones comfort & preference after all body needs comfort first. Extra clingy clothes can never be a sliming idea, whereas it reveals bulges prominently. Along with right fitting some fabrics add well shape to your body while some make it more look more voluptuous! Fabric like nylon, jersey sit best on any body type but slimmer people avoid too clingy and body hugging fabrics.


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Perfect Under Garments

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No outfit is complete without wearing a needful undergarment well! it can save from embarrassing moments too. Unfitted improper style of undergarments can affect the overall fitting of the outfit. Gone are the days when one form of inner-wear sufficed, with designer garments a lot to do with finding the right inner clothing. Hipsters with seamless fabric are best ideas for pear or curvy body since it hides bulges efficiently cut a few inches and look neat on the outside. Choose perfect cup size in bra, not too tight or loose. if your bra is not covering well then its not the best one for you. Choose wired or lace bra over padded or strapless.

V Neck Tip

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V neck has the ability to make you look more defined if you have heavy upper body. It cuts heavy bust into a slim looking neckline. V neck outfits are very good for people who have short neck. It adds extra length to the neck and sculpt the area.


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What needs to know about prints that avoid choosing bigger prints for curvy body it will add more to the mass however small & liberal prints are good option. Bigger motifs are responsible to cut off your height if already short height. Longline shirts, vertical thin strips add to the height. Similarly avoid horizontal strips too as it make heavy bust. Abstract prints are generally go well if not color popped. Mini checkered, polkas or animal prints clothing is good to consider.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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