Tips To Write The Best Selling Novels

Best books are those that considerably impact the reader’s mind that is unputdownable & continues to thrill the very spot of curiosity. There are millions of books written per year, but only a few got in the best selling list. No story is big or small, sometimes even though a simple story blows minds & complex ones don’t, It is a presentation that leaves all the impression. The success depends on how and what way the content presented in the book. I am not a professional writer, but as a reader, I have come across a few points that have clicked into my mind and might be the same from other readers’ perspectives. No book is big or small it’s the content that makes people go after it. A few tips which I guess might be helpful for a budding writer to write a great book.


Having a unique plot is one of the main checklists; it has to be intrigued, different from the usual stuff, something that grabs attention towards more knowledge. The content of the book envisages the success to a great extent; even a simple story can bring the freshness with needed twists and variation; it’s just all about playing differently with the usual stuff in all the newness. The plot has to be clear and understood; a lot of mystery sometimes creates confusion, so it should not be brain wrecking but gripping. The practical stuff is more likable these days, a real story that might have similar events or incidents people had in their life to relate. If it’s a non-fiction novel, facts & information must be up to date. The storyline has to be unpredictable for the packed suspense as predictably destroys the joy of reading. Has to unfold mystery at regular intervals for the reader’s keenness. The number of characters put in the story should have a strong role; sometimes, too many aspects without significance lead to confusion.


The style of language matters for a compelling reading approach, complicated phrases, and challenging vocabulary often lead to lags. Language should be fluent & impressive but not challenging for the readers. A lot many books are lying half-read on my shelf just because of these reasons. Such literature is more of brainstorming than entertainment. A common standard language is understandable to all walks of people without risk.The fonts size has a valuable effect on reading! Too small or too large, both fonts are inconvenient and break the flow of the text. The fonts size should have a great approach to the eyes and not strain them while reading.


The title of the book has to be appealing so that it grabs the reader’s attention in one glance. It should be curious and fresh; a lot assumed through the title of the book so, it should not be straight as well. I always choose books depending on the title in case the name is not attractive to me i don’t go further about it, the name itself brews urge to know more. A well-pondered caption that relates to the inside story is significant for first-hand impressions. The fonts should be clear standard in size with a bright color scheme. Avoid extra artistic fonts to save the chance of confusion for the readers.


An attractive presentation plays a vital role in the popularity of the book. It’s like a delicious food looks ordinary without a unique exhibition, half of the beauty comes with the first impression A well-desinged cover page with suitable graphics, that pulls the attention of the seeker. A striking color scheme that meets equilibrium to the senses along with the enthralling caption. Excerpts on the cover page as caption define the rest of the story; that is what holds the reader’s attention, builds curiosity, and makes him proceed with the final purchase. Insufficient summary without fascination contains no views. The caption should be a relatable extract of the whole story in an intrigued way for a huge success.

Thank You So Much For Reading.XOXO

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