Overthinking Solution Or Problem

Overthinking is a kind of internal debate that takes place between the heart and the mind. Sometimes its a reaction, and sometimes it’s oversensitivity that forces our brain to involve in the more profound thoughts about any petty issue or topic. Overthinking is undoubtedly not suitable for a healthy body as it causes a lot of stress, mental exertion, and, thus, poor health caused by excessive stress. We are already aware of how threatening the tension is for our body; it impacts us in several ways. Not every person is an over-thinker people with a tender heart, and delicate feelings often get arrest in the problem. Overall most of us are struggling about day to day thoughts about the future, present, past, and associated assumptions. Overthinking is a habit that slowly progresses and occupies a significant part of the brain & continues to drain the energy. How many of us have solved anything ever by overthinking, I guess none? But it makes us vulnerable in many ways.

Overthinking is a problem

Overthinking is never a solution to any of the problem, the fate inscribed, and incidents happen accordingly. Life is moving in its course, followed by ups and downs, and we have no control over things that are supremely directed. Intense pondering and fear have nothing in return other than a fagged brain. We may even get a couple of other issues as a by-product of our concepts. Have you ever wondered the problem which put us into more in-depth mode has solved so easily on itself? And how about invisible trauma that loomed over in the duration. It only gives problems to more problems, to have a real-life, one should never take thoughts too seriously as they are not going to help you in a real way. Chill because life will move in its direction with or without your intensive thoughts.

Fear of survival

The future always brings fear, fear of uncertainty, fear of survival, so does future thoughts gift us ‘The fear of unknown.’ We extend thoughts with all context and explanation in our mind & to deal with the anxiety; we further prepare a chain of statements to survive, practically its not happening also, we never know what is going to be happening. Still, in the sequence, we trouble our mind so much and an entire well being. The process introduces fear that is not defined, but it takes a lot silently. Before other’s judgment, our verdict creates differences, those damage relations also. The best way to deal with annoyances is to talk clearly about the problem than to shelter in the cocoon of thinking.

Overthinking is personal

Thoughts are individualistic, positive, or negative. That’s also subjective as per views based on your approach; therefore, never necessary it got the same flow in everyone. For instance, if you are mentally cribbing somebodybased on personal experiences, it has nothing to do with the person.He/she may not have the same content about you, they may not have you the way you conceived them in the mind. We develop our own explantion trigger the thought process and involve in unheathy trail of metanl incidents. The biggest problem with overthinking is that it gives birth to those issues that were never there in the first place, but by continuous digging, it begins to appear on the surface & it begins to appear on the surface & ruin our very being before anyone else. Give break to that contagious thinking process its not going to serve any purpose whatever is happening or will happen is predecided so don’t loose the cool in the calculations.

Unhappy mind

Excessive thinking always confuses our minds. It never gives any way out of the problem, but the way to peace inevitably gets clouded with suspicion. The state of mind affects the body, irritation, depression, irked behavior, and unhappy soul are few familiar repercussions. Selective practice makes us hostile we avoid people, or people avoid us. Gradually it all becomes so intense that even a little word is good enough to turmoil the sanity.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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