Tarte Creaseless VS Nyx Photogenic Concealer

The best concealer is that cover imperfections seamlessly, there are lots of concealers out there that claim to give the spot-free skin, but not all the concealers are worth the hype. A lot many times, we end up buying unfit products that are so much-hyped but performance-wise they disappoint. On the contrary, a low prized product sometimes impresses with the outstanding finish. A great concealer saves from embarrassment in terms of flakey creased skin that is the result of the unbending quality of some concealers. Only with the right concealer, a lot achieved in make-up, it can even work as the main base without foundation. Just with concealer, anyone can look flawless with the right kind of product is. It is not always easy to find the right beauty products. We make a couple of mistakes before finding the right one. There are very few concealer brands I have tried so far and liked only one or two! It’s not always that high end wins the race, there are significantly low budgeted concealers too that can give the impression of an expensive one. I, therefore, have two concealers to compare in terms of efficacy and quality one is from Tarte, and the other one is from NYC and the other one is Tarte. Lets compare the two of them and see which one is truly worth in the vanity.

Tarte creaseless concealer as the name suggests the formula supposed to be creaseless, the one that doesn’t leave scattered specks in the form of mini droplets, but hereafter using it I have noticed it goes against the words! I have tried multiple times to work with the concealer, but this one never works correctly. The post-application effect is even worse; the formula separates from the skin appearing as a complete flop, talking about packing it’s even prettier than it looks in the pictures. A purple theme with golden floral detailing caught my eye; without much thought, I bought it from Macy’s store a year ago. I fell for the creaseless feature that disappointed me later, for reference, I am in the sand light sand 20S. The formula is so thicker and relatively greasier, which makes it hard to blend. It never absorbed in the skin and stayed as an oily patch that begins to break minutes later. In the hot and humid regions, it’s entirely a wrong choice due to sweat conditions. An approximation of price about 24 $ (cant recall though) the concealer has not got any positive points other than the appearance.

NYX HD studio photogenic concealer is that Concealer that does the job marvelously even without burning pocket! I didn’t have much anticipation with it, and it proved one of the best concealers in terms of price it trades, the packaging the quality and the ingredients most importantly. The best part is NYX offers grand value schemes from time to time on its cosmetics that also makes it worth for beginners or for people who want the best economic makeup. The Concealer is my first purchase from NYX and not the last. The packaging is super lightweight travel friendly with 3gm of quantity; the shade is light/pale perfect for light yellow undertone skin. Though after opening it, I realized its more on the pink tone side, and I should go for a bright beige tone, but it impressed me post application by entirely disappearing into the skin. There are no hard patches because the formula is very light and blendable. It conceals impressively without creases. With the ongoing offers on the brand, it may cost even less than the MRP; even the original price is so affordable ie, 8$ approx. I don’t think people look for selective ingredients in a concealer, but I found few good ones in this Concealer it has aloe, coconut oil, coccus Nucifera, which are supposed to be healthy for the skin. Unlike Tarte, it has quick-absorbing, dewy consistency with a super light texture that makes it worth each penny spent.

Most of us tend to check concealer on our wrist area, which is not an excellent way to find the perfect one. The skin on the wrist is quite different from the skin under the eyes. It blends any formula without flaws. We assume the thicker and creamy concealer is excellent for full coverage, but it’s not the case, it makes it hard to blend. That’s why it reappears as a white patch post-application because the product was on the surface, not deep within. The lighter the formula, the clean the coverage Testing the concealer under the eyes always save from buying unsuitable one. One thing also needs to clarify that it doesn’t go for too white tone counselor as under-eye skin is never too white it always has a brownish or pinkish tint, so extra white concealer never is the excellent choice it will always come up as whitish layer after. Light pink tone seamlessly blends and giving that perfect under-eye coverage.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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  1. I purchased the Tarte Concealer and I really don’t like it

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    1. bebeautifuls says:

      same here it creases a lot.

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