Moisturizer In Summer Good or Bad

Undoubtedly , moisturiser is an essential part of skin nourishment ! A parched up skin develops aging signs earlier than expected. An adequate amount of everyday moisturizer saves from a lot of skin complexities in time. A daily moisturizer is such an essential step of skin routine; However, its almost challenging to use in the season like summers with excessive heat and humid conditions. The weather conditions are different across the globe somewhere. It’s even colder in these months & hottest in some regions. Each day it’s getting uncomfortable, so the question arises on how to go on with the moisturizer application as the minute it is applied on face another minute; it’s breaking down in the form of sweat, but this can clearly not be any excuse for a skipped moisturizer routine. A lot of us assumed that during summer, the skin needs no moisturizer kind of things as the skin already has abundant of natural oils. Winter or summer moisturizer is the round the year routine. It has to be appropriately maintained. The oil and humid in on the outer layers of the dermis but the moisturiser is needed for the deep layers, It gives it adequate hydration, promote healthy cells underneath. The formula is simple our body is 75 percent water, so it gets dehydrated without fluids, just like we don’t skip the water in winters moisturizers also not to be omitted in summers. We can surely update the kind of moisturiser as per summer as per our skin and related demands. Moisturizer in summer should definitely be a lighter one, which is more absorbing than greasy so that it doest perspire, so let’s know what type of moisturizer is summer safe and healthy for the skin.

Water moisturisers

Oil and perspiration wash away the layer of the cream almost instantly; it doesn’t even reach to the deep layers. Deep down skin always needs hydration. That’s why in the absence of deep penetrating moisturizer, skin becomes dry and rough even in the summers; in that case, water-based moisturizers are great. First, they are like water consistency, so no thicker base second, it supplies water to the skin cells more effectively, making it more supple and radiant. The best part about such moisturizers is that skin feels more hydrated for hours. There are lots of water-based cream is trending. Some have amazing anti-aging benefits too. It takes a little amount to cover up the face; unlike a regular moisturizer, it spreads smoothly without leaving traces of oil and discomfort. The Korean brands have a vast range of water-based day moisturizers, which might be a convenient choice during summers. They are friendly to all skin types because of the thin and nongreasy formula, but the nourishment is on point it takes gives the skin what it needs to grow healthy. Innisfree, Kiehl’s Neutrogena, belief, have helpful water creams for summers.

Gel moisturiser

Gel creams are another excellent option for people who discard heavy moisturizers. The consistency is slightly thicker than the water cream but considerably comfortable to apply during the day. It has plenty of water percentage that is well taken up by parched skin layers. On the outside, the skin feels matt and dry, which is needed as well in summer, but it gives full nourishment inside that makes skin glowing for hours. The gel form of cosmetics is comfortable and healthy as it doesn’t have detergent properties. They lather less, but it doesn’t affect the benefits. The excessive lather is anyways harmful to the skin, and it has some sort of sulfates that makes suds. Coming back to moisturizer, Gel moisturizer is light on the surface. Therefore, it breaks the accumulation of grease, so skin is less sweating and happy while having moisturizer on. Avoid heavy moisturizers in summers to have clean and fresh skin, too greasy formulas block pores and cause breakouts. There is already more oil in the hot season. For any reason, if you avoid moisturizer in the day time, make sure to apply a nice amount of it during the night I have mentioned this many times before in my blogs how important it is night routine.

How to apply a Moisturiser

It may sound a little awkward, but there is a way to apply creams on the face for better penetration. It’s not necessary to grease the upper surface but deep absorption into the cells throughout—warm-up palms of the hands before taking the product out and little after taking the products. A warm-up helps in the blood circulation, and its a great way for quick absorption. Never be harsh while applying just pat on the area slightly wherever it is needed. Use circular motions and light strokes always in the upward direction.


Storage of cosmetics is essential for its efficacy; it matters how is the storage conditions of the beauty products, especially skincare. Heat and humid conditions have a terrible effect on performance. Make sure to store moisturizer serums on a temperature not exceeding 30.C refrigerator are the best option for storing moisturizers in summers for the best results. Direct sunlight is never good for beauty products.

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