Hair Care Common Mistakes

Who doesn’t want long, thick, shiny hair? I guess everyone. Hair that is healthy from outside is healthy from an inside! Dry, frizzy hair shows signs of damage that need to take care in time before they produce further problems like hair fall split ends and lifeless texture. Every day we follow some or the other wrong hair care routine, which affects hair life & gives us several hair problems. The hair shaft made up of a protein called keratin that decides how lustrous hair is going to look. Just like our body need an adequate amount of protein for building body hair also needs a full protein diet. Nothing can replace healthy and balanced nutrition for problem-free hair. Still, some tips for maintaining healthy hair even equally inevitable. A lot of people complain that they had thicker or shiny hair, but it is not like that anymore, as there is a loss of that texture and beauty. The way we follow hair practices decides a lot of hair health. There might be severe hair mistakes in our hair routine that have developed for a long time, and we see it no wrong, but deep down, those ways should are somewhere responsible for the damage. If you blessed with healthy hair, you are lucky & maintain that with these tips, besides knowing what are do’s & don’ts for hair to have problem-free hair & scalp. A healthy scalp promotes strong hair growth; hence scalp care is very important for that matter. Therefore I am going to jot down common hair care mistakes that affect hair and scalp in the long run, so if you make these mistakes, I am sure you are going to stop making ahead. Please read the article thoroughly; it might be informative to you.

Hair Care Do’s

  • Wash hair with cold or normal water, This will lock the moisture into the scalp & save it from dryness because dry scalp leads to dandruff and dandruff further into hair fall & whatnot.
  • Cover head during a long exposure in the sun, Too much sunlight and also pollution damage hair.
  • Monthly or quarterly trimming is essential for proper hair growth, hair ends get splits which block hair growth and look bad.
  • Hot oil massage of coconut oil or any herbal hair oil before hair wash keeps hair healthy and scalp free from flakes, body needs water hair needs oiling to sustain, don’t ignore hair ends it necessarily need more oiling.
  • Wrap hot towel after oiling to get open pores of the scalp.
  • Hairstyling should be secure & not strained. It weakens hair from the roots also promotes more hair breakage.
  • Hair packs made up of natural ingredients are chemical-free and give great results without harming hair follicles.
  • Protein shampoo is essential for healthy hair, always check before buying what you are buying. Shampoo should be less chemical & more herbal. Please don’t fall for foamy shampoos as they contain sulfates and dry hair.
  • Include good hair conditioner with the virtues of hair oil to keep hair frizz-free & shiny. It will also fulfill oil requirements for those who don’t like oiling hair.
  • Comb hair every day twice for tangle-free hair. Uncombed hair tangle & break more.
  • Try out a wooden comb. It cures scalp problems like itching, eczema & also antiseptic.
  • The egg is an excellent pack for promoting hair growth as it has an abundance of protein; if you are not an egg person, the curd is a great DIY pack for shiny, healthy hair.

Hair care Dont’s

  • Never comb wet hair n also try not to rub your hair vigorously when wet.
  • Excessive use of blowdrying damages hair follicles. Avoid that, Let hair dry itself in the air.
  • Avoid too much of hairstyling as well as chemical treatments like curling, straightening coloring, rebonding, etc.
  • Never apply conditioner on the scalp that is going to give you severe hair fall instead apply on the hair for smoothening.
  • Don’t wash hair with hot water. It draws out moisture that makes hair lifeless.
  • Do not wash hair every day; it makes them damage-prone.
  • If you are the one plucking grey hair from roots, then stop doing that because this is going to give you more greys. Rather than cut it on the surface close to the root, this trick is for people who have few grey hair strands.

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