Are We Buying Much & Using Less

With so much access to materials these days, people often end up buying a lot of things. In recent times everything has become easy to obtain, whether it’s about shopping, fashion or living stuff. It’s all just a click away from the needful materials. The accessibility to almost anything is a stone’s throw away all needs to have resources and that tech-savvy mind. A few decades earlier, life meant to be living in the requisite demands. Things that were life serving and meaningful added in the wishlist there was no greed for having Extra. Fashion was limited to only wearable garments, useful items for life, and living something worth keeping and investing. With the advent of e-commerce companies, pocket-friendly offers live showcasing of new arrivals allure us to spend on a lot of things which never required, or if needed, they are overdone for a cause of building a massive wardrobe for so-called fashion diva tag. Another reason to do so is having a bulk approach to fashion or stuff in an affordable budget. There is no harm of splurging into favorite styles, but the question is, do we need to do it? Are we not going to get the same next time. Do we need to stuff things while we have running resources? The biggest downside to storing approach is a dissatisfied mind, no matter how much we got, its always going to end up in an unfulfilled demand & utility. I have observed that limited exposure surely gives maximum satisfaction and things we have often get more attention in the way. Lately, I indulged in accessive shopping spree myself & felt that it brings no relief instead of a lot of pressure of selection amid enormous stuff and get upset, reaching out to nothing substantial. A lot of us can relate to it. Having spent money on needful areas is not only wise but good for the mental health of self.

Minimalistic Approach Is life Saving

Of late minimalistic approach has saved the lives of many from the burden of consuming the unwanted. One side where it gives peace of mind another side it uplifts the mood. Of course, stuffing thousands of unnecessary items can surely depress ones. It might be easy to pick a couple of things on the go in a surge of benefit for paying less but can equally take up a lot of energy to sort it out and push in. The minimalistic approach teaches us to invest in the things we need, and that can be upgraded from time to time. The idea is all about healthy and happy living with the needful things,

Expensive is not the solution

To keep life going, we certainly need things but necessary not meant to be expensive. The term expensive lies in mind & it has no utility in reality. Anything too expensive to use is not for us, and it can never help with the solution but add more problems to the core. We have now categorized stuff like regular and expensive wear based on their purpose and price tag associated with it how roughly a thousand dollar garment is likely to use than an ordinary price tag item. Do we need to involve in the price tag race? The most expensive things occupy the top shelve and require most of the care to keep it as pristine as it was always, but it depletes the purpose of buying. These non-living things are not life, but inevitably a means to live a good and presentable life. That is where we lose us; for us, artificiality becomes more authentic, and the value of life decreases.

Shop wisely

Shop only essentials and avoid piling of unwanted stuff around. A lot of us fall for fancy sales and huge discounts trap, which results in an unorganized closet and cluttered mind. When things bought wisely, it not only saves money but also gives a magnificent chance to make full use of it. In the process of hoarding stuff, we forget to use them and continue to clutter our lives and space. The sale does give benefits but is that necessary stocking up last year’s fashion to the next year and so on. The end count is always higher of sale shopping than buying 5 fresh arrival fashion outfits of the season.

Shop your style

It’s essential to know your style. Not everything meant for buying until that adds value to the personality. Unsure of what defines us, we tend to copy the style of other people thinking that someday it will suit us and keep hoarding stuff, but it always gives us nada zilch results. Spend on items that look better and enhance your personality. Every person comes with different appearances, so not one thing can equally look better on many.

Get rid of unwanted stuff

time to time reshuffling of the stuff inside the closet and makeup vanity help getting rid of unwanted things and make better room for new occupants. Anything not used in the three months is not going to get your sight and interest in the upcoming days, too, so think of donating them. It’s natural to have a soft corner for your once favorite things, but storing unuseful items even after no use is not helping anyway. It is occupying a big part of the space serving no purpose.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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