Huda Beauty Lipstick Collection

Lipsticks are every women’s favorite and essential part of makeup. No look is complete is without putting a suitable color of lipsticks that enhances the overall appearance. The lipstick itself has the magic to blossom a dull-looking face into an attractive one. The fondness for lipstick never dies; the more, the less. Above all, there are so many brands, and varieties they offer in a lipstick one fails to settle on one. Also, when there is so much displaying around, it creates confusion about what to pick and what to not. Not everything good is needful for you, so to get the best products in skincare or makeup, keep trying out and searching until you got the most suitable item for your requirement. There are a few products and brands that instantly win the heart, and Huda beauty is one of them. It is one of my favorite brands for the products I have used out of it and impressed with the quality and performance thoroughly. However, still a lot of untested products that I am yet to make an opinion. I am pretty hopeful of doing it real soon. Being a lipstick lover, I am always in search of best lipsticks, be it the formula or shades or the price, something that meets my need with the best of everything. I have a vast collection of lipsticks from the best brands, and I have realized that money spends on worthy products never regret you. I have been thinking about trying out Huda Beauty lipsticks. Finally, I took my chance and purchased three lipsticks at one go, two of them are from power bullet collection, and one is demi matt formula. A few more shades are coming up very soon, and I am delighted with the quality and everything that generally looked for in a good lipstick. It’s going to be a review about those lip shades, which I think can be loved by any women for the pay off they deliver. If you are also thinking of investing in Huda beauty lipsticks, go through the post to have a needful opinion.

Huda Beauty Demi Matt Cream Liquid Lipstick

The demi matt formula is all about gloss, with the intense color pay off. I loved the texture, its amazingly a pigmented glossy liquid lipstick. The sheen lipsticks are lately trending, and it got the reason., It first helps with hydrating lips which is all time need for beautiful lips. The second gloss adds extra glam quotient to the lips while having minimum make on. It can turn the face looks super dewy, succulent with minimum effort. I have been a gloss lover for a while, and its again hitting the beauty markets, so I am glad about it. Huda beauty lipsticks are so rich in pigment that leaves you in awe of surprise. I talk about demi matt formula; It’s so thick full of shine and immensely soothing. In a first sweep, one can get a fair idea about the quality, glides smoothly on lips without fail. I loved the minty texture that tingles and gives plumper lips. It has menthol, which adds a temporary cooling effect. The lipstick enriched with MAXI-LIP that boosts collagen and profoundly hydrates for soft lips throughout the wear. The packaging is another impression that attracts & the tall slim container for easy carry off. The applicator is beautiful and does the job correctly. The shade is Revolutionnaire, which is a deep brown shade and perfect for everyday purpose. Although the color looks the darkest brown in the bottle on the application, it seems medium glossy brown, which is wearable in day to night occasions. A lot of shade depends on the color tone of the lips, which is why the ceratin color looks different on different people. It trades for 1825 INR & 26$ approx. In the picture wearing demi matt revolutionnaire.

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Lipsticks

Staycation & Promotion Day

Huda beauty power bullet lipsticks have obtained so much love and appreciation already, and it’s worth to invest in the lipsticks. The shade range is vast and perfect for every eye. There are beautiful nudes browns and pink tone shades that genuinely deserve to be in the vanity. I have two shades right now, staycation and promotion day one is pure nude, and the other one is deep red. Huda beauty power bullets have intense color pay off with smooth non-drying formula that keeps the lips always comfortable while wearing. While application, the quality feels, and there is not much touch up once done because of full coverage and hydrating formula. I must admit a truly matt formula but the most comfortable in matt in comparison to other lipsticks. Staycation is purely a nude brown that bares the lips; that’s why it’s perfect only with dark smokey eye makeup or any look where one wants to minimize the lips color. The unique feature of these lipsticks is the tip, which designed as pointed to fill the lips correctly in all corners. It helps with the right contouring for the best result. Price 1995 INR ( 26$) approx.

Huda beauty power lipsticks are a cruelty-free and soothing formula for sensitive lips. These lipsticks are worth every penny. The shades are striking with the intense color pay off, and it never feels heavy or drying on the lips. During long hours it saves from the embarrassing crust, which is not a sure thing with most of the other lipsticks. The packaging is square shape deep red container with magnetic closing and its luxurious. That is sure going to be my favorite lipstick, and I am happy to choose it.

Downside of Glossy Lipstick

Though the gloss lipsticks are exceptional in some way, there are ways when they get super uncomfortable. I have realized that glossy lipstick is transferrable to anything that comes in contact, be it hair clothes or even food particles. It keeps one on high alert about the smudge-free stay. Since the pandemic, one side where wearing masks has become another essential step maintaining. Lipstick gloss has got another challenge, and I m struggling with it. Guess I am going to temporarily avoid wearing gloss ones and stick to matt transfer-proof formula that saves me in the situation.

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