Dots And Key Products Review

Brand Features Cruelty free, Dermatologically tested, Vegan friendly, No Harmful Chemicals, natural botanicals.

Welcome back to another post, every beauty lover has always this dream of getting perfect and flawless skin which glows sublimely without problems. Numerous beauty products are lying out there, and it is tough to get one without fail. It’s hardly about the price, sometimes expensive is overated & does no wonder, whereas drugstore brands are fabulous. The fact is to give the skin what it needs at the moment to cure the problem of further expansion into a more significant issue. In today’s post, I am going to reveal a fantastic brand that addresses minor skin issues that might be the root cause of many skin problems. Dots & Key is the brand that has lately got all the hue and cry because of the mindblowing products also for the price list they launched. The name itself is fascinating and unique, which drew my attention to buy some of the products and test them out for the genuine review for people out there who are eyeing the products for themselves. Before I proceed to the review part, I want to mention that all the products are amazing and worth trying depending on what issue you look for go through the skin range for sure. Right now, I got three products to review the night cream, the hand cream, and the detox color-correcting mask. I am pretty excited about all of them and soon be ordering more and more skincare from the brand, so let’s jump into the rest of the post.

Night Reset Retinol Ceramide Sleep Treatment Cream

All the Dots & Key products beautifully wrapped, the packaging is cute and feminine at the same time. The cream is for fixing the most common aging signs that are wrinkles dark spots and dehydration. The formula is super light nongreasy and quick-absorbing and, therefore, a boon for the thirsty skin. The ingredients are lovely; it has Vitamin E & Provitamin B5 that delivers healthy skin. Hyaluronic Acid that gives maximum hydration to the deepest skin layers so that skin is non-wrinkled and smooth all over. Retinol that brightens and removes dead skin cells and helps increasing skin elasticity. I got impressed when first applied to my face & could not help admiring the quality of the product. The texture is super smooth, light pink, and gel-like consistency. The way it absorbs, leaving skin supple, is commendable. The beautiful pink tub attracts with 60 ml quantity, and outer paper packaging is luxe. Other ingredients are Hibiscus, Sea Buckthorn & Evening primrose Oil.

Hibiscus helps in reducing dark skin spots and age spots. It acts as a natural exfoliator, thus giving even smoother firmer-looking skin on everyday use.

Sea Buckthorn is a useful ingredient in preventing acne and correcting existing scars its is vitamin-rich and has excellent. moisturizing properties that cure dull and dry skin to the fullest

Evening primrose oil moisturizes and enhances skin elasticity prevents wrinkles and fine lines. It also produces healthy, radiant complexion without dryness.

Its been just three days using the cream, and I love the result. I feel the smoothness and evenness all over with the subtle radiance. Seeing the efficacy the products are cheap, one can afford without burning the pocket. It trades for 945 INR ( 12$) approx. There is an introductory offer going on all the Dots & Key products.

UnderArm Detox & Color Correction Mask

Dots and key believe curing the overlooked part of the body that doesn’t get as much attention as the face itself, but the beauty and care for that part pay in the long run & therefore, there are products for every possible skin problem. Detox and color correction mask is another great formula for detoxing and tan removal of underarms, which is quite a prevalent issue among women. This mask has excellent benefits for the armpit skin; it smoothens, brightens, and controls odor. The underarm area gets dark due to the accumulation of dead skin cells, which only roughen but cause pigmentation that is not pleasant, of course. Have ten-minute therapy of activated charcoal peppermint leaf oil & tea tree oil that results in clean, smooth, even-toned underarms. The formula is gentle and non-irritating. It has a mild fragrance and fine texture, which makes the application easy. Above all, the cute container has all the beauty of the packaging. The first application does feel different as it gives you instant smoothness, and on regular use, admittedly, it’s going to reduce the pigmentation.

Activated Charcoal pulls impurities, removes dead skin cells, and expose lighter underarm skin.

Peppermint has fantastic cooling benefits as thus provides freshness and relief the underneath skin in summers. It feels fresh without odor.
Tea tree has antibacterial properties, so combats odor-producing bacterias.

The price is 695 INR for100 gm (9$) approx with introductory offers. It has excellent value. It’s worth trying and great value products.

Hand Cream Sanitizer Moisturiser

The benefit of a sanitizer and moisturizer in a hand cream undoubtedly needful as due to the coronavirus onslaught, all of us have been washing hands a lot that sometimes cause dryness and roughness; also, alcohol-based sanitizer is again hard on palm skin. I like the concept of moisturization while keeping them germs free. It is capable of shielding against 99.9 percentage germs gently. The alcohol-free formula nourishes, and lemon fragrance freshens the senses. I would again mention the attractive paper bag packaging, which is even worth gifting. All the products packed in a gift like packing.


Jojoba oil shea butter with deep nourishing elements. It comes in different fragrances as per ones choice. Suitable for all type skin. Price- 395 INR (5$).

Other fragrances

Lavender + peppermint, Mandarin+Lemon, Rose Geranium+ Shea


None of the posts neither promotional nor paid. I believe putting up a genuine review for the products which have been tested and found worthy of the mass benefit. My endeavor is to bring out the best of the beauty and body care.

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