Apply Foundation With These Tips For Better Coverage & Stay

We women aim to have a flawless makeup application when it comes to beauty, makeup that stays & looks natural. The prime purpose of makeup is to hide the imperfections therefore, if not done properly looks awful and unimpressive. Little little beauty blunders, affect the entire look so it’s important to have a flawless base first to have a skin-like finish. Rightly blend foundation makes the rest of the look smooth and even. A lot of us assume it’s no rocket science, of course, it’s not, but some little tips or tricks help to get the perfect base & makeup on point. We often wonder how some women has the best skin in the makeup & some struggle to make it even blend. The admiration is when the makeup is done so neatly that it is hard to differentiate between actual skin or masked one. In the post, I am sharing some tips to get long staying and even foundation base in no time.

Skin Prep Is Important

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A good makeup needs a good canvass so it’s very important to prep the skin before foundation. A lot of us directly jump onto applying foundation before realising that without a skin-prep foundation gives a crumble base, that may melt or look dry all over. It’s important to hydrate the skin underneath prior the painting. To prep skin, use a mild exfoliator that may remove dead skin cells and expose soft & fresh skin. Once done with clearing up dead layer, apply a generous amount of moisturizer, beauty oil or primer to get a smooth surface. The more moisturised the skin is, the more glossy the base is, that’s why foundation blends beautifully & the skin looks glowing.

Use a Couple of Cream Products

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Better if you use mix variety of cream products like serums, tone up cream, oil free moisturisers etc. The combination hydrates and repair bare skin & that reflection comes on surface. On the contrary, dry skin is worst for makeup as it irritates, rejects makeup. If you are oily skin make sure to hydrate with oil free or gel moisturizer as they are light weight and shine free. You can add liquid highlighter in foundation for more sheen.

Beauty Sponge

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The effect of applying foundation with a beauty sponge is far beautiful than a foundation brush. The purpose of a brush is to paint the face, but the makeup sponge helps absorbing the product in the skin to make it look like a real skin. No chance of foundation patches with the right blending sponge. Lately, beauty blunders got much attention for turning foundation application a quick job as earlier it was tricky and time-consuming. The gentle pressing formula of the sponge works wonder to absorb the product. Though It takes a little patience to use it, and one should not fast forward the step. With it, the foundation is long staying as it’s deeply absorbed and sweat-proof than the brush, which paints the surface only and melts on humid and frequent touching. Beauty sponges are available in different shapes and colors. There are foam and silicone sponges available as per the need. It is advisable to use a moist sponge to apply foundation, it adds extra staying power to the base.

Go for Matte-formula

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Matte formula foundations have the best holding capacity as they don’t budge once set also diminish the shine for better. It’s great for oily skin too & control break outs. One should choose the formula according to the weather as in winters matte is going to make skin dry, and in summers, the dewy formula is going to melt for sure. Also, when the skin is nourished adequately, matt formula gives maximum coverage with an extended stay. To make sure that the foundation is out of oil, take a desirable amount on a palette and rub it across with the fingers to squeeze the oil out of it, the trick works amazingly for long hours application.

Choose The Right Shade

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Wear shade that suits the actual skin tone, sometimes foundation comes off in the form of sweat droplets, that lays a white cast on face, therefore gets evident instantly. A true shades easily blends make the skin look prefect. Too light or too dark both shades are not going to do the justice with the makeup. Take your time to find the best shade for your skin color and put on without struggle.

Setting Powder

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The job of foundation application not finished until it sets fully; without a set base, it’s undoubtedly not going to give results of long sustainability. Complete the step with a good quality settings powder that locks the product in and create more luminosity. Setting powder also reduces shine in case of dewy foundation formula or oily skin. The alternative of setting powder is the compact or face powder that enhances the texture rectifying left-over flaws and impose evenness plus longevity at the same time.

Avoid Face Touching

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A lot of us have the habit of touching our faces often & trust me it’s going to ruin your makeup. The act of brushing face with fingers can wipe off the makeup or leave terrible patches. To maintain an excellent base, one should refrain from the activity. In case of any irritation use dab trick as it can help to a great extend. I hope these tricks help in achieving a flawless base for a longer time.


Primer gives perfect base for foundation application. It fills pores or evenness for better coverage. If you look for long foundation stay go for a suitable primer as per your skin need to get rid off the patchy base. Apply it on the areas where it needs to be filled such as around nose cheek or lips. It makes skin smooth already and help spread foundation nicely.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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