Tips For Flawless Foundation Application

We women always aim to have flawless makeup application, makeup which is long staying, And even. The purpose of makeup is to hide the imperfections seamlessly if its breaking or uneven and not done up carefully that may look awful and poop the impression. There are common beauty blunders, and that affects the entire look. It applies to everything in makeup, but most importantly, it is the base that is the canvass on which we paint the colors, so the canvass has to be flawless for the rest of the make to be on point. Foundation application decides the rest of the look be smooth and even and patchy or melting. A lot of us assume it to be no rocket science, of course, it’s not, but some little tips or tricks help to get the perfect base which is skin-like.We often wonder why some women have the ideal base and how their skin so fresh, even in the makeup. The admiration is when they makeup not visible and enhance the texture of the actual skin without overdoing. In the post, I am sharing my best tips to get that long staying and even foundation base, which is so succulent and real post-application.

Skin Prep Is Important

The thing is to remember before the foundation is to properly prep the skin for the most outstanding results. A lot of us directly jump onto the main step before realizing that skipping prep can visibly crumble the base, which may further make it uneven and dry all over. A lot of the base beauty depends on the hydration of the skin underneath. To prep skin, use a mild exfoliator that may remove dead skin cells and expose soft skin. Take a generous amount of moisturizer or beauty oil or primer to get a smooth surface. In the absence of a clear canvass, the paint might be patchy & rough that may affect the final results, such way foundation is not even, long-lasting and skinlike. The more moisturized the skin is, the more glossy the base is.

Beauty Blunder

The effect of applying a foundation with a beauty sponge is far beautiful than the foundation brush itself. The purpose of a brush is to paint the face, but the makeup sponge can deeply soak the product in the skin to make it look like real skin. There would be no chances of foundation patches and unevenness if the sponge used correctly. Lately, beauty blunders have got all theadmiration for turning foundation application a successful job as earlier it was tricky and time-consuming. The gentle pressing formula of the sponge works wonders to absorb the product. Though It takes a little patience to use it, and one should not fast forward the step, But it gives desirous results once done. This way, the foundation is long staying because it’s deeply absorbed and sweatproof to a great extent than the brush, which paints the surface only and melts on humid and frequent touching. Beauty sponges are available in different shapes and colors. There are foam and silicone sponges also available to solve the purpose. It is advisable to use a moist sponge to apply foundation; this adds extra staying power to the base.

Matte Formula

Matte formula foundations have best holding capacity; they don’t budge once sets correctly also diminish shine and oil for better coverage. Its best for oily skin too that doesn’t clog pores and break out. One should choose the formula according to the weather as in winters matte is going to make skin dry, and in summers, the dewy formula is going to melt for sure. Also, when the skin nourished adequately, matt formula gives maximum coverage and extended stay without any issue. To make sure that the foundation is out of oil, take a desirable amount on a palette and rub it across with the fingers to squeeze the oil out of it, the trick works amazingly for long hours application.

Choose The Right Shade

Wear the shade that suits the actual skin tone, sometimes foundation comes off in the form of sweat droplets, and that lays white cast on the face, which gets evident instantly. If a dark tone woman applies too white shade than actual skin, it’s going to be visible anyway; that’s is why right shade selection never put the in the disguise-off situation. Perfect tone foundation, even if wiped, remains in the skin and saves from embarrassment.

Setting of Powder

The job of foundation application not finished until it sets fully; without a set base, it’s undoubtedly not going to give results of long sustainability. Complete the step with a good quality settings powder that locks the product in and create more luminosity. Setting powder also reduces shine in case the foundation formula is dewy, or skin is oily. The alternative of setting powder is the compact or face powder that enhances the texture reducing application flaws and impose evenness plus longevity at the same time. I feel using compact after foundation gives more positive results. It adds smoothness and holds the foundation for long hours.

Avoid Face Touching

A lot of us have the habit of touching our faces often & this habit is not good when the makeup is on. The act of brushing face with fingers can wipe off the makeup Or leave it in terrible patches. To maintain an excellent base, one should refrain from the activity even if it is essential or any irritation is there use dab trick than sweeping off; this can help with the problem to a great extend. I hope these tricks help with achieving a flawless base for a longer time.

Thank You So Much For Reading.


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